Academic Paperwork Starts Piling Up. Can Transcription Help Students?

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Academic PaperworkA student life can be stressful when it comes handling research projects with tight deadlines. These could include thesis projects, dissertation projects, and oral history projects. Writing a thesis, for instance, is not easy as it is evaluated on the basis of many factors such as:

  • Whether the main argument fulfills the assignment, is interesting, clearly stated and argued throughout
  • Whether the paper is clearly organized and easy to understand, and the overall argument makes sense, and is easy to follow
  • Whether the paper provides supporting evidence for all the points made and the evidence is properly attributed
  • Whether the sources are introduced in a meaningful way, serve the purpose in the argument, and are properly attributed
  • Whether the bibliographical information is correct
  • Whether the paper is concise and to the point, the style is appropriate, the sentences clear and error-free

When preparing the thesis, interviews and lecture notes have to be recorded and transcribed. Academic transcription services go a long way in helping students complete their documentation tasks accurately and in a timely manner. Here are the many ways a professional service provider can help

  • Lecture notes are one of the hurdles faced by some students as they find it hard to take down notes and catch every important word and phrase. A better option is to make an audio recording of the speech and get it transcribed professionally.
  • Conducting interviews for research are inevitable part of the curriculum in most cases. A transcribed document of the audio recordings is good reference material.
  • Organizing notes is easier with intelligent verbatim transcription. Rather than documenting word for word, the transcriptionist can provide a concise, edited version that includes all the important elements.
  • Transcription also has its role in student clubs and organizations. A well documented note on the audio recordings of the meetings or discussions allows a more searchable and shareable option.

Professional transcriptionists can handle documentation for academic purposes efficiently. Established service providers even offer concessional rates for educational purposes.

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