8 Best Audio to Text Transcription Apps to Make Your Work Easier

by | Published on Sep 29, 2020 | Transcription Services

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Audio to Text Transcription AppsToday, most people’s lives and jobs have become more centralized around the use of the computer. Typing is now a fundamental part of communication, even for searching on the internet. Technology advances and specific audio transcription tools developed by professionals help to make things more manageable than before. These include transcription apps that offer a convenient and user-friendly alternative to typing.

Audio to text software helps individuals and businesses make their job easier by reducing the need for typing; it converts the spoken words into text. It also provides valuable support to people with a hearing problem by converting what is being said into text on their phone, tablet, or laptop. In marketing, efficiency is critical for success. When you get faster results, you can concentrate on refining your overarching strategy and gain more of your listener’s attention than your competitors can.

Fortunately, technology offers you excellent audio to speech transcription apps such as the ones listed below that make your work much less complicated.

  • Google Docs Voice: This is a powerful dictation tool that is free for everyone to use, and it works well. The app has a drawback that it will not transcribe recorded audio files, but will transcribe the audio in real-time. To save your audio transcription file, you will need a Google account for sure.
  • Dragon Professional Individual: It is one of the most popular dictation software that lets you do most of the job without even touching the keyboard. Its deep learning technology helps you to create and edit documents with 99% accuracy. The software transcribes recordings into text, quickly and accurately, and uses voice commands to control your computer’s actions, such as sending emails or report creation, on programs and web browsers.
  • Verbit: Verbit uses artificial intelligence for transcribing and captioning; it mainly targets enterprise and educational establishments. It uses a mix of speech models using neural networks and algorithms for reducing the background noise. It understands different speakers and includes contextual events like news and company information into the recordings. The software also offers live transcription and captioning with high-level accuracy.
  • Evernote: As this app uses the built-in Android speech recognition software, it needs to be connected to the internet. The app lets you track down the note more efficiently by saving the audio and text files together.
  • Braina Pro: It is more than a speech recognition software that utilizes artificial intelligence. You can dictate in over 100 languages, and other than that, it can set alarms, automate various computer tasks, serve as a dictionary, provide you with current events updates, and more. It supports most laptops’ built-in microphones and has a companion Android app that can control your PC remotely, and also provide commands to your computer using the local wifi network. It makes it easy for you to work without a headset and away from the computer.
  • Voice Finger: The app is specially designed for people with injuries and disabilities and for competitive video game players. It is one of the fastest ways to control the keyboard and mouse without using your hands. All you have to do is use your voice to click left, right, and middle of the mouse. You can drag and drop items on the computer and click on it several times. To type, hold, and hit keys on the keyboard, voice command is used.
  • Amazon Transcribe: It is the most powerful platform available in the market that targets businesses rather than individuals. It is a big cloud-based automatic speech recognition platform developed explicitly for converting audio to text for apps. Compared to traditional providers, Amazon Transcribe aims to deliver a more accurate and extensive service, which means that it can cope with low-fi and noisy recordings and also recognize different speakers and different channels, and interpret documents accordingly. Its deep learning process adds punctuation and formatting automatically. It also processes with secure live streaming or otherwise transcribes speech to text with batch-processing.
  • Rev Voice Recorder: This free recorder app records and creates audio files and helps you to transcribe them directly from your phone. You can connect an external mic or use your phone’s microphone and hit record. The app will arrange your files and send them directly to Rev for transcription. After transcribing by human professionals, you will receive an accurate text file (99% accuracy rate) in your inbox.

Although different audio to text apps have different levels of ability and complexity, some use advanced machine learning to correct the errors flagged by users. Audio transcription apps will save your valuable time, create documents faster than when typing, produce results more quickly, provide ease of communication, and improve your expertise.

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