7 Best Call Transcription Tools for Recording and Transcribing Meetings

by | Published on Sep 11, 2020 | Conference Call Transcription

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Call Transcription

While attending conference calls, it is very important to note down whatever is being discussed. However, it can be time-consuming and may also interrupt the natural flow of conversation. But technology has grown over time to make conference call transcription possible; reliable tools are available now to record and transcribe meetings without causing disruption.

According to threads. cloud, 89% of business professionals have shared that they feel utilizing technology in future meetings will boost their overall productivity. Informing the participants that the meeting will be recorded, and that they don’t need to worry about taking down notes will make them stress-free and more focused on the speakers and what is being discussed.

Here are the 7 best call transcription tools to ensure an efficient meeting and a productive team.

  • Express Scribe: This popular tool is designed for professional transcribers. Express Scribe can be installed for free. It lets you control everything through the keyboard or by linking to a foot pedal. Express Scribe has an easy-to-learn interface and features a wide range of hotkey controls for better speed and efficiency. Free version and paid version of Express Scribe are available and for the free version, foot pedal support is needed. It can play a broad range of audio file types.
  • Threads: Threads will quickly pick up all the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls that are made from your network so that you can listen to them again and again or transcribe them. It also allows you to record calls from your existing system without reconfiguring the current setup, so it does not require any changes. Threads offer clients several benefits that include:
    • Many modern office phone systems record calls. Many users are either unaware that their calls are recorded, or if not, they cannot get to them. Threads solves this problem.
    • As soon as the calls pass through your network, Threads automatically picks them up, and the calls are stored securely in the Cloud database and you can effortlessly search through them.
    • Threads ingests emails and phone calls as well, so you can see the calls in the context of other communications.
  • Zoom: If you conduct your meetings online, Zoom is a great and easy way to keep your conversations documented. The automatic audio transcription in Zoom allows automatic meeting or conference call transcription by recording it into its cloud storage. However, some pre-requisites must be met before using Zoom to transcribe meetings:
    • An education, business, or enterprise subscription of Zoom is needed
    • Cloud recording should be enabled for your account
    • You must have admin privileges or have to be the owner

    Once everything is done, you can enable the transcription and transcribe Zoom meetings. The transcript will be shown as a separate file in the list of recorded sessions. You can download it and open it in MS Word or other text editors.

  • TranscribeMe: TranscribeMe’s hybrid model of speech recognition technology plus dynamic quality assurance by real professional transcribers will be the best option for those who need a human touch along with the automatic transcription. The quality of the transcribed text is ensured by a combination of voice recognition software which converts speech to text; spot checks on a weekly basis; automated quality checks; and peer reviews by professionals. TranscribeMe may be worth checking out, if the errors in the transcription are going to be costly.
  • Trint: It uses AI for transcribing, searching, and sharing media content. Transcribing both audio and video files is possible here. Trint has an advanced editor that attaches the transcribed text right next to the spot in the video or audio file, and if required, it allows to verify or correct the text easily. Trint also makes the audio as well as video file searchable. To get the work done, drop your audio or video recording into Trint’s web-based interface.
  • Otter: It automatically records and transcribes calls and makes it easy to search through voice conversations. It has the capability to understand and capture conversations that happen between multiple people as well. Conversations can be accessed from any device and you can search through them quickly. Otter is very useful because it has the facility to share voice notes with others and collaborate.
  • The FTW Transcriber: It is another popular choice for professional transcribers. It is a downloadable tool with high-quality audio playback that makes the transcription process much smoother. It can support a broad range of audio and video file types and also features automatic timestamps. The tool appears as an orange box on your screen within the box, the audio can be played, paused, the volume can be adjusted, and you can skip forward and backward.

While attending the meeting, it is important not to miss any valuable information, so it becomes necessary to note down the points. However, it is not easy to write down the points in between. Meeting or conference call transcription tools for automatic speech transcription make it easy to record and transcribe the meeting without causing any interruption, thus ensuring an efficient meeting and a productive team.

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