5 Tips to Get Maximum Benefits from Your Corporate Video

by | Published on Jan 22, 2016 | Business Transcription

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Corporate VideoCorporate video is a production of relevant video content by a company or an organization. It is mainly used to promote their brand or product. One of the quickest and cost- effective ways of reaching a wider audience, corporate videos can be fun and imaginative but should also have a clear and definite purpose. The quality of your video is vital for the success of your business. You can also publish transcripts of your video, which will increase their popularity. Studies show that people like to read what they have listened to or watched, and this brings home the importance of video transcription. Content provided via transcripts is more appealing to search engines. Videos with captions and subtitles will be included in the search results of major search engines. Video transcripts are valuable for the hearing impaired as well.

Here are some important tips to make a good corporate video that can be marketed in many ways.

  • Showcase your videos with a face: Brands with a face or identity definitely enjoy more sales and profit. Promote your business by introducing the top person in your organization so that you can build up trust and encourage consumers to connect with you. Make a video that is a speech, a public message or a small interview. Good videos also help you maintain the good reputation of your company.
  • Focus on building up a good rapport with your viewers: A corporate video published on a site such as YouTube helps you to establish a strong rapport with your target audience. It helps you to communicate with potential customers, announce new products and also for product updates. It also encourages viewers to share their opinions and feedback.
  • Use your videos to explain your stand: Even highly reputable companies sometimes get involved in controversies. If your company has been dragged into some kind of controversy or lawsuit, use your videos to explain your side of the matter, to issue an apology or to confirm something.
  • Find the best employees: Talented people are always on the lookout for a promising career in companies that have a future. A video that highlights your company’s culture, vision and prospects of development will help attract the best talent to your organization.
  • Train your new joiners: A corporate video that explains your company’s objectives, work culture, policies and mission is the best way of educating the new employees of a company. These videos can be used for orientation programmes and other training events.

Corporate videos are mainly used for marketing. They are also used to create brand awareness and for safety briefing. With a well- crafted corporate video, you can reach your target audience and capture market share from much bigger companies too.

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