5 Best AI-Powered Audio Transcription Tools

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The demand for efficient and accurate transcription services has surged, with advancements in digital communication and information management. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed transcription by automating the audio to text conversion task. Many businesses require transcripts to ensure precise records of meetings, virtual conference calls, lectures, conferences and more. Automated transcription converts voice to written format quickly and efficiently. AI transcription software can be used to transcribe live or recorded audios or videos into text. These AI-powered audio transcription tools offer a myriad of benefits, including enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy, and customization options tailored to diverse industry needs. Audio transcription services ensure professional polished, properly formatted documents.

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Benefits of Using AI-Powered Audio Transcription Tools

5 Must-Try AI Tools for Audio Transcription

Trint claims credit as the world’s first platform to leverage speech-to-text for audio, video and text content production. It uses automated speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP) to decode the sounds that make up human speech. Those sounds are matched to the corresponding word in the dictionary and displayed in the Trint Editor.


Once the file is uploaded, the machine-generated transcript is ready on the Trint Editor in seconds. Users can follow, edit and verify the transcripts by listening to audio and the words that appear on the screen. Editor allows verifying and correcting words, checking timecodes and naming speakers. Corrected transcripts and Comments can be shared with anyone on the content production team. It accepts files in any formats including .mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .aac, .wma, .avi, .wav and .mov. This software transcribes in English (US and UK spelling) and 30 other global languages. It offers tools such as Trint Realtime, Vocab Builder and more to make the transcription task easy.



This AI assistant generates comprehensive meeting notes and transcripts, enhancing Zoom sessions with live transcription. It offers real-time streaming transcripts, searchable notes with various content formats, and 600 free monthly transcription minutes. The recent expansion includes integrations with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex, enabling transcription across platforms. Otter Assistant now automates meeting participation, records, and shares transcriptions. Collaborative features allow group highlighting, commenting, and photo addition to shared live notes for team alignment. Developed by Ambient Voice Intelligence, the new Otter 2.0 version aims to boost productivity and collaboration.

Amberscript streamlines transcription, offering an automatic draft text and an intuitive editor with adjustable timestamps and speaker distinction for text improvement. The editor enables easy text modification, highlighting, and search functions.


It supports diverse import/export options, allowing various file formats for video/audio import and transcript export in Word, JSON, or text files, with optional timestamps and speaker distinction. With user-friendly features like Admin dashboard, multiple user access, centralized billing, personalized onboarding, and API integration, it caters to larger businesses. Its secure IT infrastructure, hosted on Amazon Web Services servers, ensures data security with regular backups.

This AI-powered voice-to-text transcription software offers word-for-word records of lectures, meetings, events and more in real-time. This live capability ensures that even users facing disabilities or other difficulties are provided with equal opportunities to consume content and participate with their peers. API and out-of-the-box integrations with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and more that allow you to provide transcripts of all media at scale.


You can also search the transcripts in real time for keywords, take notes, highlight within them and take advantage of additional interactive features. By integrating with Zoom, LMS and other platforms, Verbit can provide fully interactive transcripts.

This affordable, AI-based audio transcription tool works on manual as well as automated transcription. Manual transcription follows a four-step process with transcription at the top of the rung, all of which goes all the way down to quality check.


It can significantly reduce transcription time and effort, transcribe files 2x faster. Scribie’s manual transcription may take an hour to 36 hours to be delivered. At the same time, this software’s automated transcription can provide output within 30 minutes for a 2-hour file. Users can identify/track multiple speakers.


Its automated transcription option uses cutting-edge AI combined with a constantly learning NLP model built on real-world data from Scribie’s manual transcription service.

While automated transcription tools can provide transcripts much faster, they can struggle with accents and industry-specific words, compromising accuracy. An ideal solution to get accurate transcripts is to get your machine-generated transcripts reviewed by skilled human editors. In companies offering business transcription services, certified experts carefully prepare time-coded transcripts and put them through multi-level quality checks to ensure high accuracy.

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