4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities

by | Published on Feb 25, 2022 | General Transcription

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4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities

Marketing is always a crucial part of every business and with time, it has evolved and changed its mode from print media to digital media. However, even after so much transformation, it still requires effort and attention. Content generation for marketing is not easy on a daily basis. This is where repurposing of content becomes useful. Any audio or video content that you have already generated can be repurposed in different ways. Repurposing a transcript is a great way to recycle your existing content, as well as a time-saving strategy to create fresh content. With the help of a general transcription service., you can repurpose any audio or video content to create new articles, blogs, eBooks and so on.

The following are some ways in which you can repurpose transcription for marketing.

  • Transcripts can be repurposed for making outlines for your blog posts: When it comes to content marketing, you have to be smart about how you use your time and resources. You have to make the most of your existing work, which can include repurposing content. You can use transcripts to create blog posts for your business. Transcripts can form the outlines of blog posts, which you can develop to drive organic traffic to your website, attract social media shares, and generate new leads. Transcripts act as a roadmap to get down your thoughts and create new and fresh content.

Here’s an example noted in podReacher

A news article published in Vox, “Substack wants to pay you to write about local news”, is created from an interview for the Recode Media podcast.

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities


  • Transcripts can act as lead magnets: Transcripts can be repurposed as lead magnets. You can use transcription services to format your transcripts into valuable lead magnets such as eBooks, reports, or whitepapers. The lead magnets can be shared along with your audio or video content, or used independently to get new leads. Lead magnet content should resonate with the requirements of your audience. Improve the perceived value of the lead magnet by formatting it nicely and also include a well-designed cover page to improve your lead conversion rate.
  • Share your content on many other platforms: Transcripts can be formatted and repurposed into different digital assets that can be shared on various platforms. You can extract valuable information from the transcripts to create a presentation or video which can be distributed on different platforms to your followers. Content distribution is an excellent method of popularizing your brand and creating brand awareness at a minimal cost.
  • Use transcripts for email and social media marketing:

You can repurpose your content to make excerpts or insightful clips, and create graphics that can be shared on social media channels. Here’s an example:

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities

This helps to drive traffic to your website, enhance brand image, educate your audience, generate leads, and improve sales.

How to Create a Transcript

You can create a transcript using any of the three methods listed below:

  • Type it out yourself: The first method is a simple way of transcribing any of your audio or video recordings into text format all by yourself. This could be very time-consuming and error-prone. Listen to the audio or video on your computer and type into any word processing program as you go. If you are using Microsoft Word, you can use the built-in dictation feature to speak your words instead of typing them.
  • Use AI-assisted transcription software: AI-assisted transcription software lets you get transcripts in just a few minutes. This method is quick and easy but does not ensure a good accuracy rate. Automated transcription software has certain limitations, such as difficulty in transcribing words that are spoken quickly, and when there is loud background noise it may not be able to clearly understand the content spoken.
  • Outsource to a transcription service provider: The best and easiest way to get accurate transcripts is by outsourcing to a reliable business transcription company. They have professionals who can transcribe your recordings into error-free transcripts quickly and at reasonable pricing.

Transcripts are the most frequently used data for repurposing content. It also makes your content more accessible to audiences, especially those who find it difficult to hear clearly or understand the language used in the video or audio. The transcripts created by digital transcription agencies can be repurposed for podcasts, eBooks, email newsletters, and even blog posts.

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