10 Businesses That Need Transcription Services the Most

by | Published on Sep 6, 2022 | Business Transcription

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10 Businesses That Need Transcription Services

Transcription is converting audio or video recordings into accurate text format. Businesses in almost all sectors including healthcare, legal, education, media, insurance, real estate and others require business transcription services to ease the access to records and thus streamline their workflow. Business transcription outsourcing helps businesses to cut their operating costs dramatically and enjoy more free time to focus on core areas and boost company growth. Recordings of conferences, seminars, interviews, corporate meetings, calls & group discussions can be converted into clear transcripts with services from business transcription companies.

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Industries that Benefit from Transcription Services

Businesses in these industries mostly benefit from transcription services –

1. Legal/Law

Legal transcription services are important for law firms, paralegals, court reporters, attorneys, and other legal professionals for diverse purposes. Verbatim transcripts of witness testimonies, jury decisions, depositions, legal briefs, conference calls, interrogation instructions, and wiretaps help to conveniently get the information they need to take notes and prepare a case. This can assist attorneys to formulate questions or identify the most vital facts in a case, develop trial plans or create a plan for appeals. Any video or audio files used in legal or court proceedings can be easily transcribed using services from an experienced legal transcription company.

2. Medical/Healthcare

Healthcare providers in any specialty require medical transcription services to create the medical history of patients. With error-free transcripts, doctors can evaluate the present physical condition of patients much faster, sketch a suitable treatment plan, and take quick follow-up measures. Transcripts also enhance communication between doctors and specialists from different disciplines. At the same time, transcribed documents serve as a guide for nurses and supporting staff in delivering patient care. It is also crucial for medical practices to maintain medical records to submit clean claims to insurers and get the due reimbursement, as well as for legal purposes.

3. Academic/Education

With professional academic transcription services, instead of relying on memory or taking notes during lectures or research, students can simply record the lectures, seminars, or Q&A sessions on their smartphone or other devices and then transcribe the audio afterward. Accurate transcripts are also very useful for the professional research community. Every observation can be recorded in a voice recorder and transcribed for reference purpose later. Transcripts are also useful when conducting research interviews, peer group sessions, or when collecting information for a dissertation.

4. Market Research and Consulting Firms

Most businesses have research wings and market research transcription helps researchers to understand and analyze data better. Market research may involve telephone Interviews, directly talking with the target audience about a certain product and getting their suggestions, opinions, focus groups and in-depth interview discussions. Recordings of such discussions are transcribed and used for research and reference purposes. Transcripts make it easier to sort out and interpret the data.

5. Media

Radio broadcasters and television shows and commercials can use transcripts to communicate their message clearly to the audience and thus increase interaction. Converting audio and video recordings of TV shows, advertisements, documentaries, etc. to transcripts can instantly improve the content’s visibility and accessibility. Radio shows and ads can also achieve better results by transcribing them and incorporating transcripts into programs. Transcripts can also improve accessibility for people with hearing disabilities. It also makes the content easily accessible to search engines.

6. SEO

Video transcription plays a key role in boosting your website’s SEO and maintaining strong Google Search rankings. Accurate transcripts help search engines to easily crawl the video and audio content and thus help websites achieve higher search rankings, increase web traffic, provide more link building opportunities and thus lower bounce rates.

7. Insurance

For any insurance firm, insurance investigations typically require various types of audio content to be transcribed. The voices and narratives of each party will be recorded for the reasoning behind the claim. Analyzing transcripts also assist with claim clarification and verification steps. Recorded discussions transcribed into a composed structure will be extremely valuable for future reference. Getting their audio content transcribed also enables the organization to complete the process of claims and investigations faster.

8. Law enforcement agencies and police departments

Law enforcement departments, investigators, and criminal justice agencies need precise transcription services mainly to document their findings in an incident report, patrol reports, interrogations, witness statements and more. Outsourcing the task will save the officer’s valuable time for protecting and serving the community.

9. Governmental organizations and nonprofit organizations

Non-profits will have to record data in video or audio form, such as success stories of people who have benefited from their programs or services, stories of donors/volunteers about what has motivated them, footage of fundraising events, presentations/speeches/testimony by leaders and stakeholders, social media or news media videos, podcasts and recordings of meetings. Federal, state and local government agencies require transcription solutions to document speeches, interviews, white papers, market reports, and more for diverse purposes.

10. Real estate professionals

Purchase or sale of a house involves dealing with diverse documents. Transcripts are crucial to report audio and video inventories, on-site surveys and inspection reports, property summaries, site-engineer notes, construction recitation, legal files for multiple parties including buyers, sellers, real estate agents, financiers and banks.

Transcription can be done either using a software or by the services provided by a human transcriptionist. Businesses using software to get online transcripts also rely on the services of experienced editors from business transcription companies.

With services from an experienced online transcription company, businesses can benefit from on-time delivery of services, 100% human-based services, 3 levels of quality control, 99% accuracy rate, secure 256-bit AES encryption, quality-focused services, and more.

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