Importance of Academic Transcription Service in Educational Institutions

by | Published on Oct 14, 2016 | Educational Transcription

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Importance Academic Transcription Educational InstitutionsAcademic transcription service is a great option if you are looking to transcribe varied content ranging from dissertation research interviews to academic lectures for any discipline. General transcription companies offer affordable transcription within the limited budget available for students and academics. What is the relevance of academic transcription and why is it a great option for educational institutions? Transcribing academic recordings can be very time consuming and labor intensive. The entire process becomes quite frustrating if you don’t have the proper equipment or expertise in transcription. Untrained individuals can take hours and hours to transcribe even short recordings. A professional transcription service becomes invaluable in the following instances.

  • When students find it unable to write down lecture notes, when they are hard-of-hearing and want to use the transcribed material for their tests and papers
  • When professors/teaching assistants want to record class lectures/discussions so as to improve their teaching style
  • When students/professors conduct interviews to collect material for their papers, presentations and documentaries
  • When transcription of student organization meetings is required

The transcripts prepared are helpful also to students who are new learners of English.

Helping the Students and Faculty

With students scribbling notes with their heads bent down or frenetically typing away, there is hardly any time for productive discussions in the classroom. But by recording the lectures, students can easily follow the class and get the audio transcribed later or even within the required turnaround time. Having an accurate written form of the lecture enables students to review the material and also use it as reference material prior to the exams. This can help students perform better in their examinations.

Professors and other teaching staff can also use the lecture transcripts as a great reference material for future classes. These can be distributed among students who may have missed lectures, or are weak in their studies. Professors who extend such support with lecture transcriptions always win the favor of students.

Helping the School / College

Many universities offer various online courses, and lecture and seminar transcripts can be shared among those students easily via the internet. This helps online students to keep up with the on-campus students over the course of the semester. Academic transcription of lecture and seminar notes helps universities store and archive the notes to serve and guide future generations of students.

A professional academic transcription service provider offers valuable service for universities and educational institutes and provides superior quality transcripts. Quick turnaround time, accuracy, confidentiality of notes etc are the key highlights of these services.

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