How to Write Blog Posts Using Voice Transcriptions

by | Published on Apr 14, 2023 | Audio Transcription

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Blog Posts Using Voice Transcriptions

As of January 2023, there were 5.16 billion internet users worldwide, amounting to 64.4 percent of the global population, according to Statista. Content marketing is an important strategy to reach your audience, build customer awareness, generate leads, and increase conversions. As an important component of content marketing, blogging is a powerful tool for both new and established businesses. Using voice transcriptions to write blogs is a great way to produce quality content, while saving time and effort. Recordings of conference talks, presentations, discussions with customers and any other business audio that contains valuable content and insights can be transcribed using audio transcription services and converted into blog posts.

Different Types of Voice Recordings for Creating Blog Posts

Blogs help new businesses establish their online presence and reputation in a competitive industry. For established businesses, blogging can help retain rapport with their audience and ensure fresh and relevant content that search engines value. Depending on the content and purpose of the event, most types of voice recordings can be converted into blogs. Here are 6 examples of audio and video content that can be repurposed into blog:

  • Conferences: If you have a list of scheduled conferences, consider converting the most important ones into blogs. Conferences are usually conducted to discuss new trends and opportunities in the business or the industry. As it is usually focused on a certain topic and will have many participants from your company or from your industry, a conference can provide a lot of valuable content. Things to highlight in your blog include a description of the conference, important takeaways and insights, and interesting quotes from different speakers. Include as many details as possible so that your readers as well as those who couldn’t attend can get an idea about what the event was like and understand its overall message. You can make your blog more interesting and bring the event to life for your audience by sharing photos and videos of key moments.
  • Interviews: Interviews can be converted into high-quality blog posts. Interviews with experts or recognized leaders from your industry provide unique content and help you build credibility. They provide valuable insights and perspectives on industry-related matters and allow your audience to get an unfiltered view about specific topics that they cannot find anywhere else. Creating blog posts from transcripts of interviews with experts in your industry are an excellent strategy to establish and sustain your credibility.

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  • Podcasts: If you host a podcast, you can convert the episodes into blogs. Transcribing and repurposing podcast content into blog posts for social media can provide additional value to your audience. It can help build your online presence, boost brand awareness, and increase your credibility as a part of your efforts to position yourself as an industry expert. Make sure to focus on the vital and most unique details or advice the episode in your blog and exclude unnecessary information. Want examples? Check out Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Host, the Podcasters’ Studio,Fizzle and Audacity to Podcast – all listed by Castos amongst the top podcast blogs.
  • Speeches and presentations: Speeches or presentations can be transcribed and turned into blog posts. Blogging is a great way to share your ideas and insights about your presentation topic. To provide additional information and establish your authority, do some research and include useful facts. This can get your content shared with a wider audience and attract more visitors to your site.
  • Webinars: As live sessions, webinars enable real-time interactivity between the presenter and attendees. Converting the audio of the webinar you host into a blog post is the best way to provide a summary of the key takeaways and insights for people who could not attend. To turn a webinar into a blog post, consider the structure:
    • If there are multiple participants, focus you blog around the key topics that are covered.
    • If the session is an interview between two people, it may be a good idea to include questions as subheadings and the answers as the main body.
    • If there is only one presenter, use the main points in the webinar as the subheadings and include the key visuals from the slide in the blog post.

You can also blog about upcoming webinars, previous webinars, and write informative posts on your guest speakers.

  • Customer testimonials: What could be more creative than turning transcripts of customer testimonials into blog posts? Testimonial blogs offer a great opportunity to showcase your business’s success stories and build credibility with your audience. There are many ways to use testimonials to tell creative stories. Request a customer who is a pro at using your product or using your product in an innovative way to share a video of them in action. Ask them to write a blog about their experiences with your product – a great way to engage prospective clients. For instance, JetBlue encourages customers to use social media to provide tips, travel tricks, or advice, which is good for the company as well as future fliers. Another creative option is to write blogs featuring your employees’ achievements and even concerns. People want to know what happens behind-the-scenes and creating stories on this will help your audience get a deeper understanding of company’s practices and values, and build trust.

Consistently posting fresh high-value content is the key to improving your search engine rankings, driving more traffic to your website, building rapport with your audience, and boosting conversions. Using voice transcriptions to create rich blog posts is an ideal way to share valuable information, insights, and resources with your target audience Blogging will help establish your authority and thought leadership. Sharing your blog posts on social media and via email newsletters can support your overall marketing strategy and generate more leads and sales for your business.

How an Audio Transcription Company can Help?

Transcribing your audio and video content is the first step in repurposing your voice recordings. Using an automated transcription tool can help you capture the main points in your audio and video recordings quickly and repurpose them into blog posts. However, having these transcripts reviewed by an audio transcription company is important to ensure accuracy. Human transcribers can understand nuances of speech, accents, and context, and make the necessary corrections to the text. They can also transcribe audio recordings with multiple speakers efficiently. Ensuring that the final transcript is error-free and accurate is crucial for using it to create quality blog posts. Leading companies also provide affordable transcription solutions.

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