Why Transcription is said to be Beneficial to Electronic Media Firms

by | Published on Aug 15, 2013 | Media Transcription

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Media, especially electronic media such as TV channels and radio FM channels, play a significant role in our day to day life. They keep us updated on the various events happening in every corner of the world, feeding us live and exciting information. Since the news is fleeting, it must be obtained and posted without time delay. The video/audio files must be transcribed within the required timelines, and this can prove really challenging for any media company.

Whatever media business you may be in, you need reliable transcription service to maintain accurate transcripts of your video/audio files, phone calls and interviews. According to many experts, outsourcing these transcription tasks to a reliable transcription company can be beneficial to your firm. The services available include digital transcription, podcast transcription, video and audio transcription, and multimedia transcription. Here are some of the major reasons why you should outsource your media transcription requirements.

  • Cost-effective Way – This is the main reason why many businesses have turned towards outsourcing. Many transcription companies offer services at competitive pricing with 30 to 40% cost savings.
  • To increase web trafficMedia transcription can help to raise traffic to your business website. Wondering how? You can upload transcripts of exclusive and unedited interviews and other TV shows so that your audience can either view them or download them from your site.
  • Your media staff can save more time – When transcription is outsourced, your staff can concentrate on the work assigned to them instead of spending time transcribing.
  • Full access to the hearing impaired – People who are hearing impaired can view or download transcribed podcasts, live interviews and other videos from your site, thus increasing your audience base.
  • For future reference – Transcripts can be stored for future reference. The transcripts of your media content can be easily scanned, while scanning videos and audio recordings takes up more amount of your time.
  • Time coding of media content to your requirements – In the post production stage, transcribing and time coding your videos allows you to make changes to your scripts easily in less amount of time.

These reasons should be enough to help you make up your mind about outsourcing transcription tasks to an established transcription company. You are sure to benefit from the service of skilled and experienced transcriptionists who can offer you customized media transcription service to ideally meet your needs.

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