Why is Transcription Important in Documentary Production

by | Published on May 6, 2022 | Media Transcription

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Importance of transcription in Documentary Production

Transcription plays an important role in the seamless functioning of documentary post-production process. It enables documentary makers to ensure that the content is well-received and consumed by the audience. It makes the content of movies or documentaries easier to understand for consumers. Documentary makers are launching their new projects on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In this regard, Professional transcription services can seize the opportunity to help documentary producers improve accessibility to the video content.

Benefits of transcription for documentary production

Documentaries can have hour- long content in the form of interviews. Transcription can make the content available beyond the traditional English-speaking markets.

Improves accessibility to the video content

Providing subtitles and captions are the primary step in making the content accessible to target audiences. Subtitles enable audience with hearing disabilities to effectively comprehend the content. This can also support speakers who are not native language speakers. Video transcripts can boost documentary delivery approach by making it interesting and informative. This involves catching precise phrases that the speaker says in the interview.

Enables better consumption

Documentaries with transcription have captions which allow the audience watch it with a click-of-button on their phones, tablets, laptops. They can be watched in various environments, even libraries and cafes. Video transcription services enable audience to read the word-by-word account of the documentary.

Speeds editing of long-form documentary productions

Editing of long-form productions enables producers, editors and directors to get familiar with the footage and choose the best from the same. Transcription helps editors to identify the important segments of the documentary in faster. Time coding and timestamps used to transcribe video content facilitate organizing files. It helps video editors to quickly find specific segments of the video which require editing. Professional transcription services can efficiently assign time codes and timestamps, so that editors do not need to watch and listen to the whole footage to find important segments.

Easier to translate the documentary

It is easier for documentary makers to translate content of a transcribed documentary during the post-production process. The translated documentary can be distributed globally so that new audiences can access and understand the content. This can boost the documentary maker’s work contributing to its success.

Ensures quality of the content

There can be interruptions, false begins, ums and ahs in a documentary. Video transcription uses automated tools to identify the breaks in the sentences of the speaker. This is essential in the post-production process of the documentary as the content has to be accurately interpreted to display in the audiovisual archive.

Makes the documented version of the content stand out

Companies circulate documentaries on TV or in the theatre. A transcribed version of the documentary allows viewers to get a glance at the video without actually viewing it. This enhances the user experience as they get a sneak peek at what the content is all about. Transcribed videos can enhance exposure.

Help students, researchers or journalists

Documentary transcriptions can be used as reference material by students, researchers, and journalists. It provides reliable, research intensive data which serves as reference material for reports and articles. Transcription eliminates the need for watching the documentaries several times as the codes point to the required scenes and parts. This eases the work of research scholars and enables them to complete the project within the stipulated time.

The process of transcribing documentaries is tedious and time-consuming. Further, making a documentary is expensive and hiring in-house staff to transcribe videos will add to the financial burden. Outsourcing this important task to an online transcription company is a practical decision to obtain quality, timely video transcripts at affordable rates.

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