Why Small Businesses Should Focus on Podcasts

by | Last updated Oct 18, 2022 | Published on Dec 14, 2018 | Podcast Transcription

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Podcasts are a great way of storytelling that draws people and one the best marketing strategies to persuade them to choose your business. These podcasts can be transcribed with the help of a podcast transcription service provider. A podcast is a simple recorded audio content that is available through the internet. Listeners can subscribe to specific podcasts of their interest, download them and listen to them at a convenient time. The increased use of mobile phones has spurred the growth of podcasting. When compared to television, podcasts are distinctive as they describe the topic thoroughly and facilitate deeper analysis. Podcasts are easy consumable content format that do not require a person’s undivided attention like text or video-based content. Compared to videos, podcasts don’t involve variables such as lighting, background, sound and so on that could go wrong if not handled carefully.


Here are some other reasons why small businesses should use podcasts.

  • Easy to create: Podcasts are easy to create, and the equipment required is also reasonably priced and easily available. What you need mainly are a good quality microphone and headphones. The editing software for podcasts is free and simple to use. You also need a good Wi-Fi connection to upload the podcast on your website. For those interested, you could send the podcast by e-mail. To promote your podcast, consider making it available on diverse distribution channels.
  • Be close to your audience: According to a survey by Bredin, a small business research firm, more than 39 percent of small business owners listen to podcasts and the listenership increases with company size. The survey found that 70 to 72 percent of medium-sized businesses are tuning in to podcasts. These are effective education and marketing tools that facilitate building followers, whatever industry sector you may be in.
  • Reach out to new audience: Podcasts can help you reach out to new audiences for your business. People who subscribe to the podcast series listen regularly. More importantly, they may recommend your podcasts to others who may be interested in them. This will increase your reach.
    Podcasts are a great way to have a one-on-one communication with clients and allow you to reach many listeners. It lets you share your expertise and experience that becomes helpful for prospective customers. It also helps to demonstrate your credibility and thereby develop a good business relationship with your audience.
  • Create brand awareness: With regular publication of podcasts, you can develop your company’s brand. You can integrate information about your products or services in your podcast. If you are a plastic surgeon producing a podcast about laser liposuction, you can work in information about the services you offer in that area.
  • Build an authoritative presence: Podcasts help you share your expertise in your industry. You can incorporate enthusiasm and communication skills and add authority to the information, which may be lacking in the written word. When you broadcast podcasts on a regular basis with accurate information, it will help establish you as an authority in the business. Thereby you can build trust.
  • Convenient for busy schedules: Podcasts are apt for the current busy world as they require only listening. These podcasts can be transcribed with the help of a reliable audio transcription service and published.
  • Increase revenue: It’s true that you cannot start a podcast with the hope of making money from it. However, you can earn revenue with sponsors, affiliate partnerships, and direct sales from your products/services.
    • If your business podcast has a decent size audience, your vendors may want to advertise with you and gain exposure to your listeners. They will pay you to mention them in a 30-second ad.
    • Affiliate programs such as Amazon Associate program could bring revenue for your business if you can recommend their products/tools in their podcast. Many businesses have an affiliate or referral program – if you recommend 3rd party products, make sure to inquire so that you can get a commission at no extra cost to your listeners or clients.
    • Direct sales: You can promote or sell your products on your podcasts. If you believe your customers will benefit from a particular product or service, share it on your podcast and give them a call to action on how they can take advantage of the product/service.
  • No need of a separate marketing budget: Podcasting does not require any extra marketing budget, it only requires a mic and hosting. Podcast hosting is affordable, and it can be edited easily with the help of any reliable services.

With TVs dying out slowly, there must be some other medium to spread the news and podcasting is one. Podcasts attract young generations as these are convenient to use. To be successful, podcasts must be done with sufficient preparation and planning. You also need to have the required tech skills, as well as skill in social media management and engagement. Podcasting is a powerful way of connecting with your clients, standing out among your competition and building up reputation as an industry leader and expert. You can have your podcasts transcribed accurately with the help of professional podcast transcription services. An experienced company providing business transcription services has on staff skilled transcriptionists who assure accurate and quick transcription. They deliver high quality output and provide customized services according to the needs of the clients. These services are time-efficient and affordable too.

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