Why is it Necessary to Include Transcripts Along with Your Podcasts

by | Published on Nov 4, 2014 | Podcast Transcription

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PodcastsCreating and setting up podcasts of rare interviews, guides, and commentaries on your website or blog is a great way to communicate with your targeted audience, sometimes much more effectively than with just the written word. Podcasts are easier to consume than other forms of content as people can listen as they go about their other tasks. Podcasts help a business to reach out to more potential customers. Including the transcripts of your podcasts can drive even greater traffic to your website. Here are the key benefits of including transcripts with your digital audio and video files:

  • Individuals who are not able to listen to your podcasts ( the hearing impaired) or watch them (those with no audio capability of their computer) can consume the podcast content through the transcript
  • Podcast transcripts with hyperlinks make it easy and convenient for people to visit the website mentioned in the podcast for more information. You can place links to your PDF, articles or website if it is relevant to the podcast content
  • Transcripts are useful for people who like to see the text while listening or watching and those who prefer reading over listening or watching to find more information. It also looks more professional when you provide content in different formats
  • Podcast content is far more easily searchable with transcripts. You can get the entire content with an online search for a small part in a podcast episode. Also, it is not required to scan through the entire podcast file to reach a certain snippet within the episode
  • Though audio content is a big asset for your website, search engines will not pick up and index the specific content that you are talking about if there is not written text on it. Search engines do not include spoken words from audio in their indexes and algorithms, but will pick up the details from the transcript that you provide. So it is very important to convert podcast into readable, keyword-rich and search engine friendly format for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes

However, creating transcripts for all your podcasts can be challenging, especially if they are lengthy (for example, guides). Doing podcast transcription on your own would take up a lot of your valuable time. Seeking help from a reliable transcription company that offers podcast transcription services is the right option for busy professionals.

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