What Questions to Expect During a Job Interview

by | Published on Jun 18, 2019 | Interview Transcription

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An interview is a reliable source for fresh or hard to find information. Interviews can be recorded into audio files. However, listening to the whole audio and referencing the interview is a difficult task. So to get the most out of an interview, it can be transcribed into accurate notes with the help of legal transcription services for quick reference. Interviews help understand the respondent’s opinion, perspectives and views on any topic. Interviews can be of any type medic media interview, academic interview, job interviews and so on.

What Questions to Expect During a Job Interview

Job interviews are often nerve-wracking but they are inevitable when it comes to recruitment. It helps employers choose the right candidate for the right job. An interviewer asks several questions and a potential employee is assessed to know whether he is eligible for the job or not.

If you are preparing for a job interview, here are five questions you can expect from your interviewer:

  • Introduce yourself: This is a very common question that many interviewers ask. But the reply to this question should not be a repetition of your resume, and they do not want to know about your personal life. Ashley Hampton, a psychologist and business coach suggests using the time to emphasize the experience that led you to face this interview. A candidate can research the company, research the position etc. They should not sound too rehearsed. Story telling method is the best, and it would be ideal if you can narrate a brief and engaging narrative about your career history.
  • Why did you leave your last job: Talk about the type of work you used to do and why you wanted a change. Do not criticize your pervious job or company. Understand what the employer is looking for, and answer accordingly.
  • What was your last job like: Narrating a few success stories from your last two or three jobs could prove good. You can talk about the challenges you faced and the results that you received such as doubled productivity, increased revenue and so on. Make sure to not memorize everything as a speech. Understand the general flow of the story and frame your answers according to the employer’s question.
  • What is your weakness: This question is often asked by employers to determine whether the candidate is too boastful about his strengths or not willing to admit his mistakes or weaknesses. Employers closely watch how comfortable the candidate is while answering this question. Ensure that you are discussing a minor weakness that can be easily rectified.
  • You can ask any questions now: Employers appreciate a candidate who asks good questions. So ask a question that helps you extract basic information about the company. Creative aspect of the company etc may not be found online. This provides the candidates the opportunity to ask interesting questions and also put across his/her interest in the company and the position they are offering.

Interviews are conducted in every organization to find the best talent. Transcribing job interviews helps to evaluate the intelligence and credibility of the candidate. This makes the selection process easy and quick. An established provider of interview transcription services can prepare highly accurate transcripts that meet the specific needs of their clients.

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