Video/Audio Transcription Vital for Online Marketers to be Visible

by | Published on Feb 26, 2016 | Media Transcription

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Video/Audio TranscriptionWith the increasing use of smart devices such as iPhones, tablets, smartwatches and so on, netizens are shifting towards mobile browsing from desktop searches. Google officially announced that the number of Google searches that take place on mobile devices is higher than that on computers. As the number of consumers searching for products or services would increase as a result of this with both desktop and mobile searchers, online marketers need to focus on innovative marketing techniques. To make the best use of the internet and online marketing potential, businesses should make sure that their content to visible to everyone and for that transcription is essential. A major concern of marketers is to make their video or podcasts available to a targeted group. But what if the prospective customers cannot even see such content? Video / audio transcription as well as webinar and podcast transcription is important to make your content visible to search engines that don’t crawl images.

Let us look at some reasons why video or audio content don’t get the visibility they need.

  • Employees not allowed to view videos or listen to audios – This happens mainly in the case of B2B products and services. You may have provided a webinar, video or podcast regarding your product but the employees may have restrictions in viewing videos or listening to podcasts on smart devices while at work. As a result they never get to watch or listen to these. Without an accompanying text transcription, your video or audio will remain invisible to them.
  • Unable to see Audio or Video Content – A significant market segment does not have iPhones or modern web browsers. As a result, considerable audio/video content may not be visible to this segment.
  • People researching products/services prefer text content – Studies show that a considerable number of online shoppers don’t prefer non-text content. People searching for a product or service prefer text content so that they can search for particular keywords, browse the significant details or copy-paste features into a spreadsheet.
  • Poor attention span – Internet users have poor attention span. It is not always beneficial to rely solely upon video content for selling because people may not be patient enough to watch the entire video. Using text in combination with the video can keep the users engaged and retain them on your web page.

Whatever be your industry, business or marketing strategy, make sure to integrate text content via video / audio transcription along with the non-text content. Consider obtaining video-audio transcription service from a dependable service provider.

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