Video Depositions with Transcript Syncing

by | Published on May 3, 2016 | Deposition Transcription

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Video DepositionsAlong with deposition transcripts, video testimony is a very effective form of evidence and allows attorneys to present their case in a compelling manner. Video depositions demonstrate the body language of the witness, capture the jury’s attention, and can be used to impeach a witness who changes his/her testimony at the trial.  Syncing deposition transcription with the video allows attorneys to present the evidence in court in an even more effective way.

Why synchronize text and digital video?

In recent years, videotaped depositions have become very popular, but it is not easy to quickly edit them for use in court. By synchronizing the digital video to the written transcript, lawyers can quickly access, edit and present video deposition clips at the trial. They can edit, annotate and index footage, and make the information searchable to locate and highlight crucial testimony.

Preparing the synchronized deposition video involves the following steps:

  • The attorney examines the transcripts and decides which sections to use in the courtroom
  • These sections are then edited onto a master video tape
  • Each clip is assigned a barcode and the lawyer uses a bar code reader to activate the laser disk which plays the clips
  • The entire deposition transcript is inputted and annotated with time code for the video so that the lawyer can search by phrase or word to play the required clips in court

In the court room, transcript synchronization validates the testimony by allowing the jury to see and hear what was really said during the deposition. Even single frames of the video deposition of an expert witness can be isolated which may be crucial for medical equipment or product liability cases.

With a reliable legal transcription company, lawyers are assured of timely depositions transcription service. If the quality of the deposition audio is poor, playback with the transcript captions would go a long way in making it intelligible.

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