Verbatim Transcription vs. Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

by | Published on Aug 22, 2013 | Verbatim Transcription

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When transcribing audio recordings, transcriptionists normally avoid false starts such as “um”, “uh” and emotional expressions such as laughter, crying, coughing and other external noises. The focus is primarily on the exact information contained in those recordings. But in verbatim transcription every expression recorded in the audio is transcribed and this type of transcription is needed by professionals preparing for cross examinations, legal judgments, appeals, police interviews, seminars, and TV/radio interviews.

Legal professionals and police officers rely on this type of legal transcription, where they need everything uttered by the person that includes pauses, repeats and filler expressions such as um, uh, sort of, kind of, like and you know. The legal professionals require verbatim transcripts for studying all the aspects related to a certain situation such as the legal proceedings in a courtroom or the recordings of verbal communication made by a pilot before the plane crash.

In intelligent verbatim transcription, all the uhs, ums, laughter, crying and pauses present in the recorded conversation are omitted and the transcriptionist performs sentence and grammar corrections; unwanted words and sentences are completely eliminated. Not only that, half-finished sentences and sudden diversion to other topics in the middle of a sentence are transcribed intelligently. If there is any change of direction present in the audio recordings they are indicated in the transcript. Unless specified by the clients, transcriptionists cannot correct grammatical errors, or include or delete contents in the transcripts when they are performing intelligent verbatim transcription.

If you want reliable verbatim or intelligent transcription services, you can depend on an established legal transcription company that can offer you solutions at competitive rates and provide results within customized turnaround.

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