Useful Tips for Writing a Good College Application Essay

by | Published on Nov 9, 2018 | Educational Transcription

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Researchers and students have to do a lot of writing assignments in their colleges and universities. Essay writing is an essential part of your academic year. However, essay writing is considered a stressful task by most students. The tasks of compiling material for the essay, organizing it, and writing out the essay can be made less stressful with good planning. The interviews and other recordings you may have made can be accurately transcribed using academic transcription services instead of attempting to prepare the transcripts on your own. Having transcripts as ready reference material will prove to be a great convenience when writing the essay.

College Application Essay

Students often consider academic writing as an uninteresting and valueless activity. But it can be made interesting if you write with real involvement and focus on putting all the facts and figures together to generate a unique essay. Writing is a good practice for your examination and also for career opportunities where writing skills are significant. It helps students estimate, examine, think critically and express their views and opinions in an organized manner.

College application essay presents an opportunity for students to reveal their best qualities and to show an admission committee what makes them stand out from other applicants. A good application essay has immense importance in determining which students should be admitted. Following are some tips to write college application essays that should prove useful:

  • Essay writing is a way to express your view of the world and your ambitions. It should tell a story with passion using personal entertaining anecdotes that depict your character, values, interests and experiences. When selecting anecdotes, make sure that you pick topics that you can discuss succinctly.
  • Essays are a way to emphasize volunteer work that you have done for the community to make it a better place. It greatly helps if the activity is related to the subject you want to study.
  • Mention all the internships, summer courses and extracurricular activities that you have attended to. Choose a topic that is of interest because only then will you be motivated to work on it passionately.
  • Mention how important it is for a student to attend the college and why you want to study in the chosen college. Write about how the school size, curriculum, social atmosphere, location and professors influenced your choice.
  • Organized wiring is important for application essay. It helps to save stress and frustration. Good writing skills can streamline your essay and eliminate the need to do any important rewrites.
  • Strong vocabulary should be the highlight of your essay but make sure that it is simple and understandable to all. Writing that is riddled with a lot of advanced vocabulary can have a negative impact on your writing.
  • It is important to ensure that your essay is free from errors. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are important considerations in college application essays. Do not use abbreviations or rude or profane language in your essay.
  • Once the essay is submitted, make sure to check your emails and voice mails and respond promptly to messages from admission staff members.

College admission officers verify college application essays to find out whether the student can write well and support his/her ideas with logical argument. For help with writing a good college application essay, students can approach a general transcription service that can provide accurate transcripts of relevant recordings. Some service providers even check everything from citations to proper paragraph organization in the final essay. They have professionals who can polish the writing and ensure the college application essay is well-organized, persuasive and appealing.

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