Transcription Services – Great Help to the Academic Industry

by | Published on Sep 27, 2012 | Educational Transcription

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Transcription services can prove useful for any scale of research-oriented work in more ways than one. By outsourcing transcription requirements, the academic community is freed from the dreariness and monotony associated with this job. Outsourcing solution providers offer several benefits such as 24/7 customer support, convenient turnaround, high accuracy and customized solutions.

Types of Academic Transcription Services

  • Focus Groups and Solo Interviews – Researchers frequently assign focus groups with the task of gathering information from a section of people and getting real-time reactions. It is difficult to comprehend focus group recordings because the quality of audio may not be good and many people may have been talking at the same time. The text that a transcriptionist produces from the recording will help you make sense of it. It would contain similar tagging and structure which would make it easy to include the associated information to your project.
  • Transcription of Stored Audio Recordings – If your studies involve audio recordings kept in corporate data archives or in libraries, you need a highly trained expert to perform the transcription for you. Such an expert would be available only at a reliable transcription company.

Choose Wisely

Compare different transcription service providers based on factors such as accuracy, reliability, number of clients, company reputation and pricing. Choose the company that would best satisfy your requirements.

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