Transcription – A Great Strategy to Build Listening Skills

by | Published on Jan 3, 2017 | Educational Transcription

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TranscriptionListening is a skill that every student need to have. One of the best ways to develop listening skills is by practising active listening and transcription is an ideal place to start. In fact, the reason why the professionals in companies that provide academic transcription service are able to provide accurate documentation of audio recordings of various lectures, research interviews, and more, is that they are very good listeners.

According to VOA Learning English, foreign students often ask their education experts how they can improve their listening skills. Exams like TOEFL and IELTS require students to pass an English listening test. These experts recommend transcription of spoken English as a great strategy for English learners to improve their listening skills. Here are the key reasons for this piece of advice:

  • Simply listening to an audio can be a boring of developing listening comprehension. Transcription can make the task interesting and fun.
  • For English language learners, being able to understand short and long conversations in English is crucial to develop general English skills or to prepare for a test. The best way to understand common vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and special grammatical constructions used in speech is to practice transcribing conversations.
  • Listening exercises help English learners to focus on converting the individual sounds that they hear into words. They can then use their mental abilities to turn these words into a message.

Listening is a key skill for the teams in companies providing audio transcription services. This can be academic transcription, general transcription, or audio-to-text documentation solutions for various industries. With their excellent listening skills and other capabilities, these experts produce high quality, accurate industry-specific transcripts in quick turnaround time.

The best way for English learners to begin, according to VOA education experts, is to find sample audio or video recordings and transcribe them. This can be clips from movies, songs, media interviews or any other interesting piece. Repeatedly listening to segments of the recording and learning from their mistakes will enable them to improve their listening skills.

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