Transcribing Wire Tap Recordings for Legal Purposes

by | Published on Jun 11, 2013 | Wire Tap Transcription

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Wiretapping involves recording and monitoring telephonic/voice/mobile/internet conversations. Government agencies have the right to record these conversations with a view to collecting evidence related to homicide, burglary, fraud, money laundering and terrorism based crimes.

For legal purposes, these recorded conversations need to be transcribed accurately so that they can be presented in court as material evidence. Because of the sensitive nature of these recordings, and the need for absolute accuracy, wiretaps must be transcribed professionally. Attorneys, police departments and law firms can utilize the service of a professional legal transcription company to ensure flawless transcripts and quality output. Similar to legal transcription, transcription of wire tap recordings must be compliant with standard security and confidentiality protocols including the Wiretap Act.

Outsourcing wire tap transcription brings benefits such as reduced in-house workload, cost savings of 30 – 40%, quick turnaround time, file transfer through FTP or browser, and secured 256 bit AES encryption for maintaining security and confidentiality of the transcribed wiretap documents. When it comes to accuracy, professional legal transcriptionists are the best choice because they are well-versed in deciphering various accents, slang terms, jargons, and dialects. In addition, they adhere to the rules of English grammar when using various punctuation marks such as commas, periods, colons and quotes, which may have an important bearing on the meaning.

Before delivering the finished transcripts to the clients, most established legal transcription companies ensure excellent quality of the transcripts via reliable 3 level quality assurance programs comprising proofreading, re-verification, reviewing and correction if required.

Nowadays many legal transcription service providers offer a FREE TRIAL that will help you evaluate the accuracy and turnaround time of their services.

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