Tips to Maintain Quality in Interview Transcription

by | Published on Oct 1, 2012 | Interview Transcription

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Interview transcription involves the transcription of an audio interview. The audio recording of one person interviewing one or more persons is converted into a document. This type of transcription is typically sought after by attorneys, police officials, legal professionals, consultants, writers, students, and so on.

Transcribing an interview accurately is not an easy task. Here are a few guidelines that can improve the quality of interview transcription.

Good quality equipment

  • Good quality recording is a must. Accuracy depends greatly on audio quality. A quality digital recorder can provide the desired outcome.
  • You must have quality equipment like good headphones for sound clarity.

Need for speed adjustment equipment

  • When you transcribe an interview, you may find some people speaking too fast. This may make the speech difficult to transcribe. Therefore using quality speed adjustment equipment is essential.
  • Speed adjustment equipment will help you transcribe for longer time without rewinding the tape and also help to transcribe confusing words.

Glossary of keywords

  • Look for glossaries used for previous transcriptions
  • During the transcription process, develop your own glossary of keywords

Skip unimportant words

  • If you are not doing verbatim or word-for-word transcription, you can skip unimportant words that are repeated. This will help you save time.

Ensuring all this is not easy if you are a busy professional with a lot of files to handle. Outsourcing the audio transcription process to a professional legal transcription company can save your valuable time and money. This can ensure prompt, high quality transcripts to meet your needs. Choose a service provider that can provide you with well-organized interview transcripts at affordable rates.

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