Tips to Look Great and Make a Good Impression in Video Conferences

by | Published on Jun 30, 2017 | Conference Transcription

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Tips to Make a Good Impression in Video ConferencesMany business interactions such as conferences, meetings and interviews are now conducted via video calls. By converting the recording into text format and providing captions and titles, a video transcription service provider can enhance user engagement and make your videos available to a wide audience. To make a good impression, it’s important that you work at looking your best in your video. Here are some tips:

    • Dress well: Avoid bold patterns, stripes, checks, and plaids as well as dull, boring colors such as grays, browns and whites. Solid colors work best on video. If you wear a pattern, make sure the background is dark, solid color that doesn’t clash with your clothes. If you’re using jewelry, keep it simple. Check your face during a break to ensure it’s not shiny. Learn how to apply makeup to get camera ready. See that there are no food remnants on your teeth. To avoid perspiring during your video conference, make sure the temperature in the room is right.
    • Present yourself well: The camera highlights certain features of your appearance and so it is important to be presentable. Remember to smile and look calm and composed. Your audience will instantly notice signs of irritation, boredom or distraction, and arrive at conclusions about your personality and credibility based on that. To avoid such issues, practice presenting in front of a mirror. This will help you identify gestures and facial expressions that you didn’t know about and which could convey the wrong message.
    • Make sure your background looks professional: Remove all kinds of clutter that can prove distracting. The best way to preview your background to see how it looks to other is to sit at your desk and take a selfie. Conduct your video call against a neutral background and keep it consistent to reflect a professional look. A great idea would be to have the company colors and logo on your background wall.
    • Pay attention to lighting and angles: No matter how well dressed you are, bad lighting can ruin the effect. It’s important to have several light sources and ensure the right angle for your video call. To avoid shadows, steer clear of fluorescent lights and overhead lights. Your main light source should be behind the camera and you can also have a light source on the left and right. The best angle is when the lens of your camera is at eye level. A tripod can steady the camera steady and help with positioning. If you’re using a laptop, put something underneath until your eyes are at the same level as the lens.
    • Cut out distractions: If you are in your office, put a ‘Don’t Disturb’ sign on your door. If you’re working at home, make sure that children or pets don’t walk in and disturb you. The rules that apply to live meetings apply to video conferencing too.

Tips to Make a Good Impression in Video Conferences

  • Posture is important: Sit up straight and see that your upper body is also visible in the camera area. To maintain eye contact with the other person, focus on the camera and not the screen. To avoid distortions, sit a little further back from your webcam than you typically do. Use a comfortable chair so that you don’t fidget.
  • Invest in a good webcam: Choose a webcam with a glass lens and high definition capabilities. For instance, webcam with more megapixels will provide a clearer more vivid image. A webcam with the capabilities of 60fps (frames per second) will result in a smoother, higher quality moving image. Continuous autofocus (AF) will ensure you are the main focus.
  • Prepare well: Don’t treat your video conference like a conference call as video is similar to a face-to-face encounter. So prepare well, know your main points, and stick to the topic. It’s not a good idea to keep glancing at your notes as it can give the impression that you are not paying attention to what the other person is saying. Look up, listen and speak normally.

Your appearance on your video call does matter a lot when you talking to an investor or new customer, or conducting an interview. Taking these measures will help you look your best. To ensure top quality transcription, contact a reliable digital transcription service provider.

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