Tips to Create Winning Content for Your Business Podcast

by | Published on Feb 10, 2017 | Podcast Transcription

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Business PodcastThe past few years have witnessed a podcast boom. A 2016 study by Edison Research and Triton Digital found that about 57 million Americans (21 per cent of people) listen to podcasts at least once a month, and that these numbers are growing. Businesses are realizing the power of podcasts and podcast transcription to connect with customers and build credibility.

The reason why marketing podcasts are so popular is that they allow listeners to carry on with other tasks while they listen to your message. Podcasts have a unique advantage over other media as they support multitasking and save time.

So how do you create good podcasts for your business? The first thing to keep in mind is that a podcast’s success depends on its ability to inform and engage the listener. Here are the main things to consider when creating a podcast for your business:

  • Provide information: People are usually put off by ads. Don’t talk about your organization or what it does as this will sound like blatant advertising. Make sure that your podcasts are entertaining, inspiring, motivating, and educative. Here are some content ideas for your business podcast:
    • Focus on your customers or people with success stories and wins because of what you do
    • Basic directions and instructions or how-tos
    • Information and reviews of products
    • Industry news
    • Stories that entertain
    • FAQs and answers

    Experts recommend that podcasts should be not more than 60 minutes long. Remember that the key is quality over quantity.

  • Ensure quality audio and content: Ensure audio and picture quality. Audio quality should take top priority when it comes to creating a watchable video. Besides sound quality, adopting a conversational tone is important. Rather than a one-person podcast, a good idea would be to carefully script an interview with another person or to have someone interview you. The content should be valuable, interesting and dynamic. Edit sound before you post it.
  • Promote: Even as you limit the commercial broadcasting aspect, it’s important that you promote your podcast so that it ranks high in search engines. Promotional tactics that can help include ads, subscriptions, sign-ups, email marketing and podcast directories. Optimize your podcast for SEO by including high-impact keywords in the title and content. This is where podcast transcription services can help. Posting transcripts or detailed notes of the content will provide search engines with additional information on your services. Adding captions and subtitles help with SEO. Transcripts will also make your podcasts visible to a wider audience, including non-native speakers of English and the hearing impaired.

Podcasting is clearly a labor-intensive process as it involves content development, recording, editing and marketing. Business transcription services can prove very useful in successfully marketing your podcast. After all, the main purpose of business podcasting is to build a personal brand online.

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