Tips to Make the Most of Video Conferences and Get Quality Transcripts

by | Published on Jun 3, 2016 | Conference Transcription

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Video ConferencesVideo conferencing is a proven way for businesses to connect with their partners, clients and workforce across the world. It cuts expenses on travel and the costs involved in conducting conventional face-to-face meetings. Advanced platforms such as,, GoToMeeting, and Skype come with a host of features to improve the online meeting experience. With a good recording, a video transcription service provider can enhance the usability of your video conference for future reference or sharing with employees who could not be there.

Modern video conferencing platforms come with audio recording capability, support for screen-sharing, Web interfaces with hosting tools for managing calls and keeping track of participants, and 24/7 availability. However, some basic preparation is necessary to make the most of your video conference and to get good quality video transcripts. Here are some tips:

  • Ensure availability of resources: Video conferencing consumes resources on your computer such as memory, graphics and CPU power. So close all unnecessary programs and quit anything that will consume bandwidth. Test and optimize your audio and video settings well ahead of the conference. It’s a good idea to have a back-up Internet connection to which you can switch to easily as well as battery back-up.
  • Prepare the room: Make sure that the room has proper lighting or else it will affect image quality. To reduce glare and uneven lighting, pull the shades on the doors and windows as well as glass-framed pictures. Preparing the room also means ensuring there is no clutter in the background. If you are at home, make sure there are no disturbances in the background such as people moving around.
  • Dress simply: Wear neutral, pastel colors. Avoid plaids and stripes, and anything that can have a distracting effect.
  • Position the camera correctly: The camera should be at eye level, and not too high or too low. Make sure it is on the monitor being used for the conference. Look into the camera when speaking.
  • Eliminate background noise: The recording environment is important. Background noise can be very distracting and also affect the quality of media transcription. Minimize background noise – be it from air-conditioning, unnecessary conversation or any other source. Use an echo-cancelling microphone and headsets and reduce the speaker volume. Speak directly into the microphone and mute it when you are not speaking.

How Video Transcription Service Helps

Video conferences allow businesses to communicate more effectively. Video transcription service providers convert the digital recording of the proceedings into accurate text format.  Participants and even employees who could not attend the conference can refer to the transcripts to ensure clarity on what was actually discussed. Transcripts provide a permanent record of the meetings. Companies also use optimized video conference transcripts to enhance their online visibility via search engine optimization (SEO). An established online transcription company can provide quality transcripts with captioning and subtitling and time coding and time stamping services. Time stamping accurately syncs text with the recording and makes it easy to review or listen to a particular moment, conversation or scene in the video.

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