Tips to Improve the Quality of Video Conference Transcription

by | Published on Jul 24, 2015 | Conference Transcription

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Video Conference TranscriptionRather than traveling long distance for a business meeting, most corporate organizations now prefer video conferencing with participants in different locations. There are several applications available to initiate a video conference call (for example, Skype). Transcribing video conferences will help you have ready transcripts of the conference proceedings that you can refer to whenever needed. This is important from the point of view of recalling what was actually discussed when you have to develop effective business plans. You can also post the transcripts online and improve your SEO efforts. However, to achieve these benefits, quality video conference transcripts are indispensable. Here are some effective tips to produce high quality video conference transcripts.

A few minor adjustments can dramatically improve the quality of sound and visuals in a video conference and improve the transcription quality.

  • Positioning of the Camera – Placing the camera where the participants’ faces are visible is important. Though this may not be practical all the time, see if you can ensure this. The correct positioning of the camera makes it easy to see and hear the participants, and identify them. You can position the camera on a tripod and test the recording capabilities before starting to record the call.
  • Use of Microphone – Clear audio is very important for accurate transcription. Use a microphone for better recording. Check whether your video camera has a microphone jack and use it, if it does. You can use an external microphone otherwise. If you do not prefer a handheld microphone, use a lavalier or a shotgun microphone. Lavalier is a small microphone that can be attached to the upper body part of the speaker, on a shirt or jacket. As this device stays close enough to the speaker’s mouth, the sound quality would be excellent. Shotgun microphones can be used just outside of the camera view and would capture sound directly in front of them, but not to the sides or the back. A foam windscreen is a great accompanying feature of these microphones which will eliminate wind noise and soften abrasive speech sounds, if any.
  • Mechanism to Identify Participants – The quality of transcription may be significantly compromised if the names of the participants are not known or captured wrongly. Placing visible name cards in front of each participant can help in this regard. Though this may not be the best choice for all conference calls, it does work for some. Giving labeled seating charts to the transcriptionists can also help to identify the speakers correctly.

When having the video conference transcribed, make sure that it is done by skilled and experienced transcriptionists to ensure maximum accuracy. Consider obtaining the service of a professional transcription company that is established in its niche and known for providing multilevel quality checking as a dedicated service.

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