Tips for Conducting a Productive Corporate Meeting

by | Published on Mar 14, 2017 | Business Transcription

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Productive Corporate MeetingMeetings transcription is a frequently requested business transcription service. This is hardly surprising given that face-to-face meetings are the lifeblood of successful organizations. As Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO, said, “It’s (the meeting) the most efficient way to present data and opinions, to debate issues, and yes, to actually make decisions.”

Besides being vital for management and communication, meetings save time, motivate employees, improve productivity, develop new ideas and initiatives and solve problems. But to bring forth these benefits, your meetings have to be well run. Here are some tips for conducting a productive corporate meeting:

  • Think small: Small corporate meetings are big in terms of benefits. It is much easier to engage participants at a small event. Small meetings focus on the individual and attendees bond better. Moreover, it is much easier to convey a message at a small event and to get feedback. All this makes the small meeting more productive.
  • Choose an authentic venue: Experts say that when it comes to meetings, it’s all about going off the script and getting people out of their comfort zone. Be creative about the venue as the right atmosphere can fuel innovation. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, today’s meetings planners offer a wide variety of authentic venue options.
  • Try a no-tech policy: Keeping high-tech gadgets out is a great way of ensuring that your meeting free of distractions. While mobile devices are great business tools, they can come in the way when you’re discussing something important.
  • Brainstorm: Ask your team to throw up ideas fast and document the results. Rather than focusing on what’s impossible to solve, focus on how to achieve it. Once you’re committed to a project, all you need is the discipline to achieve your goals.
  • Stick to time limits: Don’t go beyond the allotted time. People meander and get distracted at lengthy sessions. Prepare concise notes and deliver them effectively. If your meeting needs to go beyond the scheduled time, make sure there are breaks in between.
  • Invite an outside expert: Talking about the same topic can become boring. Inviting an outsider to the meeting – ideally a person with expertise in your field – is a great strategy to breathe fresh life and bring new perspectives into the meeting. On the other hand, your guest could even be a motivational speaker.
  • Have a clear agenda: Before you start off, know your purpose and set your objectives. Make sure you have good content, determine who will participate, and share the plan – at least 24 hours in advance. This will give everyone a chance to be well-prepared, which is crucial for a productive meeting.

Once the session is over, get the proceedings transcribed. An experienced business transcription company can provide you with accurate text documents of audio and video recordings of meetings. Expert transcriptionists can handle challenges such as multiple voices with ease, with speaker identification. However, remember that a high-quality digital recording counts for transcription accuracy.

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