Taking over the Complication of Legal Transcription

by | Published on Nov 20, 2013 | Legal Transcription

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I’ve realized how detailed and complicated legal documentation chores can be. Our legal transcription company typically deals with such documentation tasks.

We offer legal transcription service to assist lawyers, attorneys and law firms with all their documentation responsibilities. We transcribe all kinds of legal documents including subpoenas, memorandums, depositions, rulings, interrogations, court transcripts, wire tap, etc. We can also transcribe conference minutes, reports, notes, interviews, discussions, telephonic communications and other kinds of correspondence. All these are transcribed efficiently, promptly, accurately and securely. These services not only serve the needs of law firms and legal professionals but also businesses that have legal chores to handle.

It’s just intriguing how many types of legal issues businesses face. It could be immigration audits, other legal compliance issues, patent and copyright problems or employee lawsuits. If they keep spending their resources too much on the procedural responsibilities behind these legal responsibilities, they could be compromising their productivity and other core tasks. That’s why businesses find it a big relief to transfer those pesky legal obligations to us since they know that maintaining an in-house transcription team will do nothing but eat up the resources.

Businesses gladly utilize our legal transcription services that come with attractive features such as the following:

  • 99% accuracy of the transcripts
  • Multiple levels of quality checks
  • Dictation options of digital recorder or toll-free dictation
  • Sophisticated transcription management software
  • EHR or EPM feeds
  • Electronic signatures
  • Availability of volume rates
  • Comprehensive coverage of legal areas
  • Security and confidentiality assured
  • Free trial offer
  • Competitive pricing option

Efficient legal transcription involves sound knowledge and experience of legal procedures and terminology. We offer exhaustive training to our transcribers and there are experienced proofreaders and editors to take care of accuracy and precision. We also find it important to provide 24-hour service to our precious clients, and understand their urgency and offer customized turnaround times.

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