Significance of Transcribing Corporate Events

by | Published on Jun 2, 2015 | Business Transcription

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Transcribing Corporate EventsNo matter how well you organize corporate events including trade shows, product launches and conferences, they can turn out to be chaotic. There would be dozens of speakers giving lengthy presentations over several days with many question and answer or brainstorming sessions and seminars. It is nearly impossible for delegates to remember every last word spoken. They would have to make their own notes. Everyone may not find this option useful since it is difficult to write notes and listen to the speaker at the same time. Securing a complete transcription of the corporate event with the help of a professional transcription service could be an excellent option.

Besides helping delegates, corporate event transcripts are beneficial in other ways such as:

  • Ensure Event’s Success – When staging important corporate events for key clients, it is important that everything is managed as smoothly as possible. When you provide the transcripts of the proceedings, clients are likely to appreciate this move. It will reinforce the point that you are worth doing business with. It will also contribute towards the success of your event.
  • Track Missed Out Key Sessions – Not everyone who attends the event is going to pay full attention to each and every session. There may be many things that can cause distraction. Sometimes an attendee may feel unwell and depart early, or may be delayed and end up missing key sessions. A post-event transcript is helpful for attendees to track the sessions that contain important information regarding new products or key industry developments.
  • Understand Webcast Content – Now, corporate events are increasingly taking place online. Though these are useful for participants who are unable to attend the event in person, there is still a chance to miss out key sessions owing to a bad internet connection. Obtaining full transcripts of online presentations is useful in such cases.
  • Improve Brand Reputation – You can post the transcript of the corporate event on your company’s blog, share it on popular social networking channels or publish it as a press release. This will let your consumers know you are established in your business niche and help enhance your brand reputation.

Accuracy Is Vital

The transcripts of your corporate event should be accurate without typos, grammatical errors and spell errors. It will be really embarrassing for you if there are mistakes in the transcription of the speeches of key speakers and of those who attended the events, important names or references. The very purpose of creating transcripts will go in vain. Even if the corporate event is for a single day or several days, there would be a number of speakers and it will be very difficult to transcribe all of them in-house. With a huge workload, there is a greater chance of mistakes creeping in if in-house staffs are doing the transcription. Sometimes, a certain amount of research may be needed in certain cases. Relying on a professional transcription company can help you quickly generate well-researched, organized and accurate transcripts. There will be an efficient quality assurance team to ensure the accuracy of the transcribed data. This option can be cost-effective as well.

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