Significance of Listening Skills to be a Good Legal Transcriptionist

by | Published on May 6, 2014 | Legal Transcription

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Legal TranscriptionistA legal transcriptionist needs many skills and the most important one among them is listening skills. This is the basic or primary skill to be possessed and without proper listening capability, other skills may go useless. This is often an overlooked skill for legal transcription and is considered a crucial three-step process. First, it is listening to what the speaker tried to convey. Followed by that, he takes that heard content to understand and digest it. Once he becomes clear on what is conveyed, he assesses the dialogue to make sure that it makes sense.

Only a good listener can boosts his skills of fast typing, vocabulary, and presence of mind to deliver accurate documentation. If the transcriptionist fails in the listening phase, the entire transcribed document would make no sense. Here are some tips that can help the transcriptionist develop good listening skills:

  • Pay full attention to the audio without being distracted by peeping into something else, having a chat in between, or multitasking.
  • Make sure that mind is fully focused on the job, not allowing mind to wander for something else or judging what the speaker would say next.
  • Always pay special attention to the key points which the speaker stresses in the beginning, in between, and probably at the end.

A transcriptionist who is part of a live chat should always use the option to ask for clarification to make sure that what he understood is correct.

  • When in a conversation, always continue listening to the speaker until he winds up without interrupting in between.
  • When in an interview, it won’t be a good idea to think about the next question while speech is going on as it would surely affect listening.
  • He may also give feedback in the conversation with nods or facial expressions to make the speaker understand that he listens.

Another good concept for developing good listening skills is to think fast so as to think about what is heard. This would result in a thorough understanding of the matter, which would be surely reflected in the documentation.

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