San Diego State University Publishes Most Read Thesis and Dissertations List

by | Published on Jun 14, 2016 | Educational Transcription

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Talking about top ratings, the recent publication of the San Diego State University’s most-read theses and dissertations has probably inspired scores of graduate students across the U.S. SDSU’s Love Library has posted the Top 10 Theses and Dissertations list on its website to honor alumni for their contributions to scholarship and excellence at the university.

“This distinction points to the value of the work these students contributed as graduate students at SDSU. Making the list is a considerable achievement and an inspiration to today’s graduate students,” said the Library and Information Access Dean in an official press release.

Though more than 23,000 dissertations and theses are housed in the SDSU Library, only about 3,100 are available online. To compile the ‘best sellers list”, library staffers examined the records from online visits and library checkouts of older materials to locate the theses and dissertations that were the most popular. They finally came up with the list of the top 10 theses. The subjects of these papers range from the creation of software for a billing and inventory system for small organizations, a guide to social networking for job seekers, and the development of an e-commerce web application using WAMP to the toxicity of cigarette butts and their chemical components on marine life.

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