Research Transcription Services to Support Qualitative Studies

by | Published on Jul 5, 2016 | Research Transcription

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Research Transcription ServicesQualitative research enables in-depth analysis of phenomena in many fields such as academics, marketing, media, and more. Researchers conduct focused studies of small groups of people to direct and support the construction of their hypotheses. Transcription plays a key role in presenting and assessing the results of qualitative research. Companies that offer research transcription services can provide fast and accurate transcripts of one-to-one interviews or large focus group discussions.

Whether it is to capture every utterance in as much detail as possible or to get non-verbatim transcripts devoid of grammatical errors, background noises and idiosyncratic elements of speech such as stutters, pauses, non-verbal communication, and involuntary vocalizations,  reliable general transcription companies can provide good results in quick turnaround time.

Qualitative Research for Insightful Outcomes

The main advantage of qualitative studies is that they enable evaluation of complex issues, an exercise that quantitative methods do not allow. They provide insightful outcomes:

  • Interviews or group discussions bring the respondents together as they build on each others’ views and comments
  • Allow various issues to be discussed in detail
  • Allow the researcher to investigate beyond the initial responses and rationales
  • Questions can be guided/redirected by the researcher in real time
  • Reveals subtleties and complexities about the research subjects and/or topic
  • Study framework and direction can be quickly revised as new information emerges

Most important, the researcher gets the opportunity to observe, record and interpret non-verbal communication (i.e., body language, voice intonation) of the respondents, which is valuable during interviews or discussions, and during analysis. This task is made easier by a professional online transcription company.

How Professional Research Transcription Services Work

An experienced transcription service provider can transcribe all recording formats. They offer flexible upload options such as secure FTP for file transfer. Their team of expert transcriptionists can provide accurate documentation of the recorded data. These companies have proofreaders and quality control experts to ensure the accuracy of the output. After the files are transcribed and checked they are uploaded on the secure FTP server for downloading by the client. The benefits of signing up with a reliable interview transcription company include:

  • Precise and fast transcription
  • Secure workflow and processing
  • Time synchronizing to link each word in the file to the correct point in the audio or video
  • Security of information guaranteed

Once the data is transcribed, the text can be analyzed to obtain key insights and examples, and assess sentiments, and patterns. As they are easily accessible, researchers can quickly skim the transcripts to assess the relevance of the interviews, which makes their work much easier.

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