Quality and Professionalism in Legal Transcription Outsourcing

by | Published on Apr 12, 2016 | Legal Transcription

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Legal Transcription OutsourcingYou wouldn’t need to think twice before outsourcing legal transcription, if the service provider is a reliable and experienced one. The right provider makes a world of difference, whether you are an attorney, paralegal, law firm, court or a business that has legal stuff to take care of. Only a reliable legal transcription company can ensure the blend of quality, security and quick turnaround essential to get your important briefs, depositions, rulings, witness statements, phone calls, conference calls, or other data and communications transcribed and presented in the format most suited to you.

We haven’t mentioned cost-effectiveness yet. An efficient outsourcing arrangement would be cost-effective by helping you, your law firm or the court to reduce operating costs which in turn contributes to more streamlined functioning. Streamlining clears the backlog and improves performance for your firm.

Key to this advantage is the quality achieved through a blend of trained professionals and innovative technology.  We’re talking 99% accuracy levels here. This accuracy needs to be achieved consistently to taste success.

Quality Transcription with Quality Professionals

This quality comes by employing the right professionals who are dedicated, hardworking and, obviously, have fluency in English. While reliable companies look for transcribers, they look for experience in transcribing legal documents and knowledge of legal terminology. However, they also provide comprehensive training to newcomers in the field whose performance would be monitored by experienced editors. The quality check usually involves three tiers of checks. Advanced media players and transcription software do their bit to ensure clarity in the dictation.

Technology is a very important part of ensuring precision, cost-effectiveness, security, and the aforementioned quality of the transcription service. Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is all about applying technology for delivering quality outcomes. The staff of the LPO company is trained to use technology efficiently.

Technology Takes Center Stage

An experienced legal transcription company would usually provide two dictation options for clients to dictate the contents of the documents they wish to get transcribed – through the digital dictation machine or the toll-free number. With the toll-free number, the client directly dictates into the protected server of the transcription company. With the digital dictation machine, the dictation is saved on the recorder which then gets downloaded to a local computer from which it is transferred to the secure server through the Internet. The method chosen depends on the client’s requirements.

  • Tools such as WinAmp, Windows Media Player, DSS, ICS, DVF, DVIPS, MSV, etc. are just some of the tools LPO companies use that enable speed and pitch modification in the dictated material, which helps transcribers understand the dictations and minimize errors.
  • The transcribed files can be transferred through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or through sophisticated encryption.

And that’s not all. The document flow management provides clients with greater control by enabling them to:

  • Archive audio and document files
  • Customize the interface of the FTP
  • Send messages to the transcription or site administrator
  • Receive secure logs of every activity they’ve performed

A reliable legal transcription service provider also offers competitive pricing and round-the-clock customer support. Discounts are also offered with large volume work.

Thinking of the advantages, legal transcription outsourcing is a sensible option if you have large volume legal documents to be transcribed.

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