Outsource Legal Briefs Transcription to Save Time and Money

by | Published on Jul 15, 2013 | Briefs Transcription

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Legal offices are gaining many benefits by outsourcing their non-core tasks. The drafting of legal briefs is an important activity in these offices. The brief, which consists of summarized legal facts and related information about a legal case, argument or issue in progress, are an important instrument of litigation as it summarizes the case. Lawyers may have to document various types of briefs such as trial briefs, appellate briefs and amicus curiae briefs for presentation in court.

Handling the time-consuming and error-prone task of transcribing legal briefs in-house can be an expensive proposition, especially if persons with expertise in handling legalese are to be hired.  The solution lies in outsourcing. Professional legal transcription companies offer reliable, accurate and affordable services for legal briefs transcription. An established firm would have a team of skilled legal transcriptionists that can undertake the preparation of various types of legal briefs including criminal law motions, trial briefs, and complaints.

Working with the latest technology, professional legal transcriptionists prepare legal briefs that are precise and to the point by incorporating the relevant legal facts and arguments to support the authority of a case. They thoroughly check every brief for the following facts before authorizing it as court-ready.

  • A statement of the case presented for review
  • Chronological statements and numerically ordered summary of the facts
  • A statement of the pertinent laws and case law
  • An argument about how the law applies to the facts, supporting the attorney’s position.
  • Conclusion stating the precise relief granted from trial court

Besides significant operational cost savings, outsourcing legal transcription offers benefits such as 99% accuracy, solutions in customized turnaround time, strict confidentiality, and secure file transfer options. Some transcription companies offer potential clients a free service trial so that they can evaluate the accuracy and turnaround time of their legal transcription services before signing up.

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