Online Transcription for Depositions

by | Published on Oct 29, 2012 | Deposition Transcription

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A deposition is an important evidential document. The deponent answers the attorney’s questions out-of-court, the testimony is recorded either on audio or video tapes, and transcribed. Deposition transcripts are widely used in place of trial testimony in complex cases.  Whatever the type of deposition, these transcripts are critical when it comes to preparing witness outlines or for impeaching the witness. So accuracy is paramount for deposition transcripts.

Legal transcription companies provide high quality online transcription for depositions. They accept audio and video files in various formats. The files are transferred via encryption-secured browser-based methods or uploaded on to a secure FTP server. As soon as the files are received, they are downloaded by the transcriptionist, transcribed and returned to the lawyer in quick TAT. The transcribed documents can be easily tracked and edited, if necessary, using the transcription company’s document flow management system.

A reliable legal transcription company can assure:

  • Verbatim deposition transcripts which capture every spoken phrase and utterance
  • Footnotes and edits
  • Time stamps
  • Legal transcripts in the required format
  • Accurate transcripts – with even multiple speakers present
  • Research of legal terminology if required
  • Stringent quality checks
  • Custom TAT
  • Cost savings of up to 40%
  • Security compliant activity logs

A free trial is the best way to check out services before signing up.

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