New York Law Enforcement Agencies Get Funding For Recording Interrogations

by | Published on Nov 4, 2016 | Interrogations Transcription

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Recording InterrogationsElectronic recording of interrogations and interrogations transcription enable attorneys to develop the strong evidence they need to present their case. These powerful fact-finding tools got a boost recently with state governments announcing that police departments will receive grants to record interrogations on video.

According to a recent Press connects report, New York’s law enforcement agencies have been awarded more than $500,000 in grants to purchase video recording and interrogation equipment. This will allow the police to record more interrogations on video, which will help promotion of justice.

Recording interrogations is important to preserve the rights of individuals and also to protect police officers. In a criminal trial, confessions are one of the most convincing and crucial pieces of evidence, even overriding physical evidence.

  • Surveys show that recording of interrogations protects suspects by preventing the use of certain high-pressure interrogation techniques which can lead to false confessions.
  • Recording improves the accuracy of fact-finding at trial. Watching the taped interrogation helps the jury to correctly determine the suspect’s guilt or innocence. With a full recording of the proceedings, jurors can also understand how the confession came about.
  • Recording also benefits police by allowing them to focus on the suspect rather than on note-taking during the interrogation. Today, police departments rely on audio transcription companies for accurate documentation of interrogation recordings.
  • The police can review the recording and transcript later, which could reveal important details that were overlooked earlier.
  • Recording of interrogations has reduced allegations of misconduct by officers and made it easier for them to refute such charges if they do arise.

With the increased funding for recording interrogations, police departments will be able to purchase and install video recording equipment and increase their recording and data storage capacity. They can also devote more resources to finding the true perpetrator, protecting society against further crime and also saving taxpayers’ time and money.

It is evident that the costs of recording interrogations is minimal compared to the benefits accrued. Legal transcription outsourcing to an experienced service provider can also ensure verbatim transcripts of all types of interrogations at cost-effective rates. Quality recording and documentation of these electronic recordings will help enhance integrity, fairness, and effectiveness in the criminal justice system.

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