Mistakes to Watch Out for During Transcription

by | Published on Feb 13, 2015 | Legal Transcription

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mistakesAccuracy in transcription is crucial and in certain cases such as medical or court transcripts, errors in documentation can even have serious legal consequences. It is important for the transcriptionist to know about mistakes that can occur when converting an audio recording into text format so that they can be avoided.

  • Not checking documents can have dire consequences. Errors can result from same sounding words, wrong capitalization, hyphenation, and punctuation, and so on. In addition to performing spell checks, the transcriptionist should proofread the entire document before submitting it. Usually these errors are identified in the editing stage, but a greater incidence of errors means more time lost.
  • Giving more importance to typing speed can also result in errors. While a typing speed of 90-100 words or more per minute is commendable, it would be of no use if the document is full of typing mistakes. The aim should be to provide an error-free document rather than to just keeping a deadline.
  • Guessing names and acronyms is a bad practice. Transcriptionists should be ready to do the necessary research and find out the right words. In addition, it is also important that they should have a thorough knowledge of the jargon and terminology related to the client’s area in order to ensure accuracy in the transcripts.
  • Using inferior equipment should be avoided at all costs. Care should be taken to use quality headphones, software and soundcards. This will ensure that the matter is audible without any interruptions, which will make it easy for to understand the audio and ensure a neatly typed transcript.
  • Lack of concentration is dangerous and can result in the entry of wrong words and information.
  • A reliable transcription company will have stringent quality control measures in place. This will ensure that the files are thoroughly proofread and edited before delivery. Lack of such quality measures will definitely affect the final outcome.

Whether general transcription, legal transcription, or business transcription, a trained and experienced transcriptionist can make the difference by ensuring accuracy and timeliness in documentation.

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