Leverage the Power of Chrome’s Dictation – Write Documents with Your Voice

by | Published on Mar 13, 2020 | Audio Transcription

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Leverage the Power of Chrome’s Dictation

Accurate, quick documentation of audio to text is essential in many fields, from legal and medical to financial services and academics, increasing the significance of efficient audio transcription services. Today, professionals and students can leverage voice recognition software to avoid typing troubles, save time, and create real-time documentation. The latest option is Dictation, an advanced dictation technology which works on Google’s robust Speech Recognition technology. This powerful based cloud system allows you to type by dictating text with your voice.

Type Hands-free with Chrome’s Dictation

Drafting routine letters, emails and documents typically requires a good deal of typing. As the brain’s actual processing speed is much faster than the manual typing task, this means people type slower than they think.

Dictation provides the solution. This powerful Google Chrome based web service allows you to type using your voice. Dictation identifies spoken words quickly using Google’s powerful Speech Recognition engine. All you have to do is speak into a microphone and this speech recognition device will transcribe your words quickly into accurate text in real-time.

Dictation works best with Google Chrome on a desktop browser that runs on Windows, MacOS X or Linux, but is not compatible with iPhone or iPad. One of the highlights of this innovative software is that it supports many popular languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Hindi. Voice commands can also be used to add paragraphs, punctuation marks, and even smileys.

Benefits of Using Speech Recognition Software

 Voice interfaces have their greatest potential for people who find it difficult to use the keyboard-mouse monitor set-up. Assistive technology using speech recognition makes life easier and improves efficiency in many ways.

  • Relief for people with carpel tunnel syndrome: Chrome’s Dictation makes writing easier for people with arthritis, specifically, carpel tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury (RSI) in the hands or wrists.RSI comes about from continuous typing on the keyboard. People suffering from this condition can use this speech recognition device to capture their thoughts easily, without straining their wrists and fingers. It is also useful for those recovering from wrist or finger injuries. Speech recognition can help alleviate the productivity issues associated with difficulty in typing and doing regular computer tasks due to with RSI-type conditions.
  • Support for people with Special Needs: Dictation helps people with Special Needs and disabilities that obstruct their ability to spell and write. This text-to-speech dictation tool is a great option for students and professionals who can’t type using a conventional keyboard due to a handicap. For instance, voice output allows visually impaired users to communicate with computers. They can also take advantage of Dictation to spell, write, and learn. Dictation is also useful for senior citizens who lack the ability to handle the keyboard and mouse.
  • Dictate and create documents wherever you go: Dictation allows you to type using your voice wherever you go, provided you have an internet connection. You can produce the documents you need anywhere, anytime. All your data is safe. Dictation sends the speech to Google servers via Chrome over secure HTTPS for speech recognition and displays the transcribed text in your browser. As it is on the cloud you can access your transcribed documents anytime and easily share them with your team or audience via email. This is especially useful if you are always on the go. Dictation also comes with options for saving your dictated text to your device offline and printing and publishing it.
  • Create presentations and documents in any language: Dictation can transcribe many popular languages. This makes it a useful tool for working on a dissertation, transcribing research, or listing down ideas.
  • Multitask: One of the key benefits of voice recognition software is that you can use it in an “eyes-busy, hands-busy” situation, such as when you are driving a car. Dictation allows you to write documents and emails with your voice without having to take your eyes off other important things.

All of these advantages make Dictation a great option for students, researchers, lecturers, lawyers, physicians, accountants and financial advisers, and administrators. It makes life easier for those with RSI, arthritis, dyslexia, or vision impairment. Dictation provides immediate transcription in any language in real-time. After you read and revise your voice-dictated documents, you can send them to online transcription company for editing. A Expert transcriptionists can improve the accuracy and quality of your important documents.

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