Effective Legal Transcription Support Essential for Product Liability Attorneys

by | Published on Apr 29, 2016 | Legal Transcription

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Legal TranscriptionProduct liability cases have become widespread and litigating these cases requires the attorney to have the ability to interpret complex technical data as well as the skill to present the arguments before jury in simple terms. The support of a legal transcription company can prove invaluable to document the audio recordings of court proceedings in a product liability case. Referring to the transcribed reports most often becomes necessary at some point of time during the conduct of the case. These documents also help the judges and jury to keep track of the proceedings.

Defective or dangerous medical appliances, equipment, organ transplants, prosthetic devices, surgical implants, surgical equipment, hospital supplies, diagnostic equipment, and hearing and visual aids that cause injury to the patient can lead to a product liability case. A recent Louisiana lawsuit that made headlines relates to a titanium implant used in an orthopedic surgical procedure. When the patient returned for a check-up two months after the operation, X-rays revealed the implant had cracked in half. The lawsuit alleges that the sales rep for the manufacturer of the device is at fault for its malfunction. Sales reps of the devices that surgeons place in their patients are present during the procedure and advise the doctor on the type of implant to use and how to assemble and insert them correctly. The defendant’s attorneys are arguing that legal precedent shows that the responsibility to warn surgeons about the risks posed by medical devices lies not with not sales reps, but solely with the manufacturers.

According to a report in Outpatient Surgery, the case is headed for a jury trial in a Louisiana state court If the parties do not reach a settlement.

Product liability law is complex and lawyers involved need to provide their clients with expert counsel so that they can make informed decisions. As critical evidence may be destroyed or misplaced as time passes, most courts require that the lawsuit is litigated as quickly as possible. The attorney has to:

  • File the case within the deadline set by the court
  • Have a proper and up-to-date view of global trends in the product market and in-depth knowledge of the product itself
  • Aggressively represent their clients during the course of the court proceedings.

Court transcripts are written records of what was said during a court hearing transcribed from an electronic recording. It is critical that product liability lawyers get accurate and timely transcripts of the legal proceedings including affidavits, pleadings, testimonies, allegations, depositions, statements and appeals. Sometimes even daily transcripts of a hearing would need to be produced at the request of a judge. These transcripts would also be needed in the event of seeking review by another court.

Relying on professional legal transcription services would provide the answer. An experienced transcription company would have an expert team on the job and be able to deliver error-free documentation in quick turnaround time. This would help the attorney present the case effectively. Partnering with a reliable service provider would allow attorneys to focus on litigating a complex product liability case in their clients’ best interests.

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