Legal Transcription Services – an Important Prerequisite for Personal Injury Attorneys

by | Published on Jun 7, 2016 | Legal Transcription

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Legal Transcription ServicesPersonal injury cases are complex and attorneys and their staff handling them are often overworked and stressed. Getting various legal recordings transcribed is an important step in case preparation. Personal injury attorneys usually rely on high quality and secure legal transcription services to obtain transcripts of dictated information of legal pleadings, courtroom sessions, reviews of administrative hearings, depositions, interrogatories (Q&A) and testimonies. To ensure accurate transcription of legal proceedings attorneys need the service of dedicated and professional legal transcriptionists; they minimize the workload of attorneys and help them concentrate on their main tasks with greater competency.

Importance of Court Proceedings Transcription

Accurate and professional legal transcription is an essential element that personal injury attorneys cannot ignore. It is a highly sensitive service that requires a high level of precision. It captures witness testimonies, questioning, arguments from attorneys etc, into accurate transcripts. A minor mistake in the transcription could affect the trial’s outcome in a negative way. Accurate transcription requires special skills on the part of the transcriptionist like:

  • Good understanding of legal jargon
  • Ability to decipher heavy accents
  • A thorough comprehension of trial protocol
  • Ability to distinguish who said what

Transcription of legal recordings is best done by professional hands and so it is advisable to obtain the service from a reliable legal transcription service provider. So, what distinguishes such providers?

  • They would use advanced transcription software and provide the service of trained transcriptionists, technical support staff and legal experts.
  • They can transcribe a wide range of legal documents and complete the work on time without any delay whatsoever.
  • They ensure multiple quality checks by proofreaders and editors to ensure accuracy and superior quality of the transcripts.

Attorneys Can Utilize a Range of Services

Legal transcription services for attorneys include transcription of the following:

  • Court proceedings
  • Wire tap
  • Trials
  • Client letters
  • Seminars
  • Law office recordings
  • Judgments
  • General correspondence
  • Legal letters

Benefits of Legal Transcription Outsourcing

Typically, an established service provider would ensure 99% accuracy with good audio quality, three-level QA, security and confidentiality. You will also have a convenient dictation option such as digital handheld recorder or a dedicated toll-free phone number. With a good partnering legal transcription outsourcing company, personal injury attorneys can eliminate hassles associated with transcription, reduce investment in infrastructure and transcription costs, and improve workflow.

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