Legal Transcription Service – Impressive Application of Technology

by | Published on Jul 12, 2012 | Legal Transcription

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Legal transcription service from a reliable LPO company is characterized by impressive application of technology to deliver quality outcomes. The staff at the company themselves would have the skill, technical knowledge and experience to make the best use of this technology.

Technology in Legal Transcription Outsourcing

Here are certain impressive technology applications associated with legal transcription outsourcing solutions:

  • To ensure accuracy in transcription – Media/sound players and converters such as Windows Media Player, WinAmp, GoldWave, DVIPS, ICS, DSS, DVF, PC Dart PlayAll and MSV are utilized that enable modification of speed and pitch to reduce the possibility of errors in comprehending the dictations.
  • Methods of Dictation – There are two common advanced ways of receiving dictation – through toll-free number or by utilizing a digital dictation machine. The toll-free number facilitates direct dictation to the service provider’s protected server. In the second case, the material recorded on the digital recorder is downloaded to a local computer linked to the internet. The files are transferred over the internet to the service’s provider’s server.
  • Modes of File Transfer – File transfer is either browser-based utilizing secure 256 bit AES encryption or by way of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  • Effective Document Flow Management – This is technology that offers client benefits such as these – document and audio file archiving, the ability to download, fax or email transcripts to a recipient; transcription reports, customizable interface, immediate message transmission to the site administrator or transcription administrator and security adherent logs of activities.

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