Legal Transcription – Accuracy is Paramount

by | Published on Oct 12, 2012 | Legal Transcription

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Legal transcripts involve the documentation of a wide range of audio and video recordings of depositions, hearings, legal pleadings, reports, memorandum letters, briefs, court transcripts, client letters, and much more. Accuracy is crucial. For instance, in serious personal injury cases, insurance companies hire malpractice lawyers to evaluate the value of the case. Here, the deposition transcript is the most important tool that malpractice lawyers depend on.

A trial transcript faithfully reproduces all of the proceedings in a trial including testimony, objections and arguments, official conversations, and anything else that was part of the court proceedings. Even expressions like laughter are recorded.  The lawyer provides a copy of the transcript to the court and to all the participants in the trial. The transcripts are even available to the media and the public, unless otherwise ordered by the court.

If you are a busy legal professional faced with voluminous depositions and trial proceedings you would most likely find it very difficult to produce error-free legal documentation. This is easily accomplished by outsourcing the task to a credible legal transcription company, one that has everything in place to deliver accurate, secure and affordable transcripts.

  • A dedicated team of legal transcriptionists familiar with legal terminology and with excellent listening skills and English language skills
  • Client-specific teams focused on meeting specific requirements
  • Advanced transcription software and technology
  • Collaboration with clients to identify errors in the initial stages of transcription
  • Stringent proofing and quality control measures to ensure error-free transcripts
  • Secure file transfer modes
  • Solutions delivered in time to meet legal deadlines
  • Affordable pricing

The right legal transcription service can help you save money, improve productivity and win your case.

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