Lecture Transcription Services to Ease the Work of Students and Educators

by | Published on Feb 18, 2013 | Lecture Transcription

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Lecture transcription is the documentation of lectures, talks and readings. Educators and other speakers discuss informative subjects in class rooms, halls, university halls and other forums. Transcribing lectures helps the listener catch up on important aspects of the talk which may have been missed. It also helps the speaker document and archive lectures for future reference and use.

Researchers say that listeners generally lose interest in the lecture and find it difficult to keep track of what’s being said after about 20-30 minutes.  They may take notes, but these are usually brief and do not cover all points of the lecture. This is why accurate lecture transcription services are so much in demand. All the necessary information is captured accurately in proper format and delivered in time to meet their needs. Audio and video files are transcribed and converted to well-formatted text for easy reference.

Two Types of Lecture Transcription

  • Real-time lecture transcription: this is carried out live when the lecture is going on
  • Non real-time lecture transcription: the documents are prepared from pre-recorded lectures

Benefits of Lecture Transcription Service

  • Students and educators can use these accurate transcripts for study and research
  • Comprehensive error-free transcripts ensure that students do not miss out on any of the critical points
  • The documentation helps the listener to critically analyze the content
  • Lecture transcripts are especially useful for those with hearing disabilities
  • The transcripts helps teachers improve their performance by avoiding and confusions or repetitions in future

A professional transcription company can provide transcripts with high levels of accuracy in custom turnaround time and at affordable cost. Some service providers offer special rates for the academic community.

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