Law Firms achieve Faster Case Review through Legal Transcription Services and Big Data Analysis

by | Published on Feb 3, 2017 | Legal Transcription

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Legal Transcription ServicesJust as in other industries, big data also has a huge impact on the legal industry. The legal industry deals with huge volumes of data that needs to recorded and transcribed. Typically, paralegals or court reporters perform the task of recording and transcribing legal proceedings. Today, legal transcription services and big data analysis is helping law firms achieve faster case review.

Earlier, law firms used to store their important files as hard copies but with advancements in technology they switched to digital storage of data due to space constraints and lack of data security. Once the important documents are digitized, the digital files are moved to cloud storage that allows easy and quick retrieval of case files. Cloud storage allows instant access to large volumes of data which has resulted in high levels of collaborations within the law enforcement agencies and shortened trial lengths.

  • Recording and transcribing legal proceedings and saving those files in digital format enables faster analysis and helps in streamlining decisions. Case review is now much faster.
  • Earlier, law firms took several days to determine whether a case was worth taking up. But now, attorney firms can use algorithms to predict the outcomes based on data from past cases and make speedier decisions.
  • Other technological advancements include smartphone apps such as Rate Driver that helps its users find out the fee they should expect to pay their legal counsel for any specific case. This is a great app that contains cost estimates for legal services in all the fifty states in the US.

Big data and its skilful management will definitely improve the efficiency of any organization. An ideal blend of technology and human skills is necessary for improved performance and outcome. Law firms have large volumes of data that needs to be entered manually. With transcriptionists from a reliable legal transcription services provider, all legal data can be converted into digital format and law firms need not assign their paralegals or court reporters for the same. These staff members can be deployed for other important activities that are necessary for speeding up the proceedings related to specific cases.

By transcribing legal proceedings and other data into digital files in a timely manner and having access to data whenever it is required, even small firms can complete case review quickly and efficiently, and compete with large firms at just the click of a button. Apart from the time and costs saved, the major advantage of hiring a professional legal transcription company is the insightful rather than mechanical transcription process ensured.

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