How Do Interview Transcription Services Help HR in Recruiting

by | Published on Feb 7, 2023 | Digital Transcription, Interview Transcription

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Interview Transcription Services support HR

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent is an important but challenging aspect of HR. The interview is an important phase in the process of identifying a suitable candidate for a position. Interviews also help candidates find out if their employment requirements and interests would likely be met. Interview transcription services help HR professionals and hiring managers make the most of employment interviews and obtain the information they need.

Benefits of Interview Transcription for Recruiting

The job interview is a multistep process that HR professionals use to help companies to screen candidates and obtain the information needed to make the hiring decision. There are different types of interview such as screening, phone or online interviews, one-on-one interviews, panel interviews and group interviews. By being well-prepared, HR managers can evaluate candidate skills more effectively and also provide a positive candidate experience.

The interview process involves asking the focused questions to understand the candidate’s skills, experience, achievements, salary expectations, culture fit, and so on. Taking good interview notes can help hiring managers remember candidates and select the right person for the job. Note-taking can also help them understand why a person is not suitable and obtain key information if a candidate turn downs an offer. Interviews can be documented in real-time, but it can be hard for hiring managers to take notes. A practical option would be to create audio or video recordings and get them converted to text using a digital transcription service. Having an accurate written record or transcript of the conversation will provide the interviewer with the information needed to make the hiring decision.

Recording interviews and transcribing them helps HR managers in the recruiting process in many ways:

  • Captures all the details for review: With careful preparation, hiring managers can conduct interviews successfully. However, if the discussion is not documented, details can be missed as it can be difficult for them to recall the candidate’s answers to key questions. Interview transcripts capture all the details, allowing HR and other decision-makers to review the candidate’s responses later. In fact, with transcripts, HR can review the candidate’s responses multiple times to ensure that nothing has been missed. This helps determine the candidate’s suitability for the position, including if they will fit in with the company’s culture.
  • Helps streamlines the interview process: Writing notes during the interview can be challenging for HR professionals as they also have to focus on the candidate, including reading their body language. Writing notes during the interview can affect the active-listening process. Interview transcription services provide the solution by allowing HRs to concentrate on conducting the interview and give their full attention to the candidate. Transcripts can also be e-mailed to all the decision-makers and also kept along with the employee’s other records after they have been hired. Interviewers can also use the document to review the questions asked, make modifications if needed, and improve interview questions, and streamline the overall process.
  • Source of legal evidence: Interview transcripts provide written evidence of what was said during the interview. In addition to selecting the interview approach and crafting the questions ahead of time, interviewers should know what topics are not permitted as interview questions and statements that must be avoided in any interview. This will minimize the risk of discrimination lawsuits. Interview transcripts can prove crucial in defending against allegations of discrimination in hiring and selection and also in situations such as job loss or a misconduct investigation.
  • Find key information quickly: Transcripts can be searched easily, unlike audio files.Instead of having to listen to the entire interview all over again, a time-stamped transcript will allow hiring managers to easily find the most relevant sections.
  • Benefits the candidate: Accurate interview transcripts will boost the candidate’s confidence. They can rest assured that their answers or remarks are not misunderstood or misrepresented.
  • Helps check for discrepancies in the applicant’s resume: Interviewers usually ask candidates to verbally list their qualifications, experience and other key aspects. By transcribing what was said during the interview and checking the information with the applicant’s resume, HRs can identify differences in the details, if any.

Best practice is to inform candidates that the interview will be recorded. With interview transcripts, hiring managers can develop valuable assessments, which include:

  • Ratings on the candidate’s specific skills
  • Comments on the candidate’s performance and personality traits
  • A list of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessment of positive and negative responses to interview questions

Along with the details provided in the resume, the above information is critical to select the right candidate.

Why Choose Interview Transcription Services?

Interview transcripts can be created in two ways: having a person listen to the recordings and type out the transcripts or using speech-to-text software. The main problem with speech to text software is that it can overlook the nuances of human conversation or even misinterpret certain words. That’s why most HR departments choose to outsource the task to interview transcription agencies. An experienced agency can provide intelligent transcripts in summary or detailed format based on client needs. Experts can provide properly formatted and time-coded transcripts that streamline the hiring process and provide accurate records of what occurred during the interview. HR can use the information to understand whether a candidate is ideal for a job and make the final hiring decision.

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