Improving the Accuracy of Your Road Show Transcripts

by | Published on Jun 30, 2015 | Media Transcription

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Road Show TranscriptsRoad shows serve as an effective marketing tool by providing personal sales opportunity and a chance to communicate one-to-one with prospective consumers. However, capturing road shows and preparing their transcripts will help you to reach out more consumers. Although such shows advertise your products or services locally, you can reach out to global consumers at the same time by placing the transcripts of the shows on your websites or social media pages. In addition to that, you can also keep track of the show to determine whether it is actually working or not. However, you can reap these benefits only if the transcript is complete and accurate. Here are some ways to improve the accuracy of your road show transcripts.

Inspect the Road Show Route

Once you get location approval, survey the route to be used for your road show in advance. This will help you to familiarize with area and understand the type of noise present in the surrounding. Listen to and observe the type of activities in the area to make sure whether the location has a noisy background. By doing so, you can decide on the type of recording tool to be used for capturing the road show more effectively and find out the best location to position the recording tools at the time of the show.

Get the Right Recording Devices

Use high quality digital devices having high definition properties to capture the exact words clearly in a noisy background. Digital audio recorders and wireless microphones are very effective tools. Choose the right digital audio recorder that meets all your requirements. Always use external microphones rather than in-built microphones. Use a unidirectional microphone (records sound from one direction) when needed or use a microphone that switches between unidirectional and omnidirectional (capture sound from all directions). Place the microphone close to the source, but not too close to capture unwanted sounds (for example, sound of breath). High-end cameras should be used to capture good visuals, if required.

Speak Loud and Clear

Since road shows create an opportunity to have a free interaction with the public, there is greater chance of having casual speeches. You can improve the quality of audio recording by requesting the speaker to talk clearly in a loud (not too loud) voice. The speakers should pronounce the words clearly, and take care not to use complicated language that is not necessary for a road show. Also, make sure that one speaker speaks at a time.

Outsource Your Transcription Work

Road show transcription is a difficult task as noise is inevitable in most of the cases. The transcriptionists must have special skills to accurately capture what is being said in the recording. When a road show in a specific area is complete, all the recordings are sent to the transcriptionists to work on them in order to save time. Maintaining the accuracy and time limit at the same time may be quite difficult in the in-house environment since the staff has to attend to many other core tasks. By outsourcing your transcription work, you can save time and effort, and ensure maximum accuracy with professional and experienced transcriptionists. Professional transcription companies offer three level quality checks with editors and proofreaders.

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