Importance Of Video Transcription For Your Social Video

by | Published on Jul 7, 2017 | Media Transcription

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Video Transcription For Your Social VideoVideo Transcription and adding caption to video has gained popularity in the recent years and it enables viewers to clearly understand the video with rewinding or forwarding. Professional and reputed video transcription services helps individuals and business groups to attain accuracy in transcriptions.

Having a transcript of a video makes it easier to understand what is being said on the screen. Google has made it easier than ever to sync transcripts with any video to create closed captioning for the audibly impaired. Adding caption to the video or transcription of video helps deaf or hard of hearing viewers to read the captions. This captions are time synced in the best way that helps hearing impaired people to enjoy the video same as the normal people.

With added caption, viewers can watch the video even when the audios is not available or in a noisy environment. Viewers can read the caption and enjoy videos in sound sensitive environment. It also improves SEO and with transcripts search engines can crawl the full text of the video or audio and adding transcript increases SEO and helps viewers to find what they are looking and this can increase traffic and also improves customer satisfaction.

Video Transcription For Your Social Video

Adding Caption To Your Social Video Using SRT

Using SRT files is an effective way to caption videos on Facebook. It helps viewers to find by automatically linking your transcription to the correct time codes in the footage. SRT files work with any format and if people dislike captions then it can be switched off at any point.

YouTube offers journalist and effective way to produce SRT files by automatically linking your transcription to the correct time codes in your footage. You can simply upload your video in YouTube, type in your caption or transcription and the platform will generate an SRT file. SRT file makes it easy to have subtitles for multiple videos and makes workflow easier and faster. You can also make changes if you have produced SRT files for your videos through YouTube.

The need for accurate information is crucial when it comes to communicating your intentions and messages clearly and efficiently. A transcription company help in transcribing videos based on the requirement so of the clients.

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