How Transcription Services Help Market Research

by | Published on Oct 21, 2014 | Research Transcription

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Market ResearchResearch is an integral part of almost every business strategy. Most companies as well as other nonprofit organizations perform market research to understand the customer feedback and trend analysis, and the usage of their products to determine the proposed life cycle of their product and make important business decisions.

Market research is common in different industries such as media, business to business, advertising, retail, packaging, healthcare, technology and education, transport, financial, automotive and healthcare.

From focus groups to one-on-one interviews, research may include reports such as telephone survey campaigns, recorded telephone interviews, small group sessions, consumer forums, press briefings, opinion polls, customer analysis sessions, competitor analysis sessions, risk analysis sessions, product research, home buyer reports, building survey reports, and structural reports. These market researches are often recorded in audio formats.

Inaccurate or incomplete records of research such as trend analysis and customer feedback can easily result in misinformed decision-making. Research transcription assumes significance when the top level management usually does not get time to go through each of these records to make business-critical decisions.

The success of research depends on reliable and accurate transcription. Experienced professional transcriptionists will transcribe audio recordings into accurate transcripts. Along with in-depth knowledge of the subject, experienced hands will also be familiar with the challenges, format of interviews and terminology associated with the market research industry. They provide files in the desired format.

Reliable companies that provide these services will also offer stringent quality checks, professional editing and proofreading, free trial offer, and quick turnaround time. Client files will be transferred only through secure channels such as FTP.

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