How to Transcribe Keynote Addresses Effectively

by | Published on Jul 7, 2015 | Conference Transcription

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Transcribe Keynote AddressesWhether it is a conference or meeting, the keynote address is one of the most significant and defining moments of that event. Rather than archiving an audio or video file of keynote speech, transcribing it will prove to be more beneficial for your company, institution or organization. The transcribed keynote speech can be put on your website so that search engines index it and you receive more online visitors. Transcriptions are more likely to draw visitors since they show all topics that are covered in the speech at a glance compared to audio or video. They can be easily shared via social media and e-mail. Here are some ways to transcribe a keynote address in the most effective manner.

Ensure High Quality Recordings

It is really difficult to capture what the speaker says in a keynote address and transcribe it when the sound quality of the recording is bad. Sound quality plays a very important role when your preferred keynote speaker can’t make it your event and you choose another speaker who mumbles and coughs through the speech. So, make sure that you can produce high quality sound recordings irrespective of who you recruit for delivering the address. You should ensure appropriate preparation such as using high quality audio/video recorder and making sure that the venue has provision for in-house audio visual services (in case of large conferences).

Intelligent Verbatim

Intelligent transcription is the ideal style for capturing a keynote address. All keynote speakers have their own style and it is essential to retain their style. But at the same time, it is better to remove the filler words or repetitive phrases that mess up the speech such as coughing fits, snorts of laughter, repetition and so on. Transcribing keynote speeches in intelligent verbatim will capture all the words that are spoken except redundant words and phrases.

Hiring Professional Transcriptionists

Quality matters a lot when it comes to transcription. When your in-house staff records the keynote address during the event and transcribes it later, errors are likely. There is a greater chance for your staff to make mistakes during transcription, which may not be reviewed owing to their lack of time. It is therefore always advisable to hire experienced and skillful transcriptionists for the accurate transcription of your keynote address. Professional transcription companies provide three-level quality assurance with proofreaders and editors, which will further enhance the accuracy of your transcript.

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