How to effectively market Radio Shows and Their Transcription

by | Published on Jul 21, 2015 | Media Transcription

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Radio Shows and Their TranscriptionThe radio is an effective communication channel for businesses to reach their potential customers. The major advantage of radio shows is that people listen to them even while commuting to work or driving. You can thus have an extra connection with your potential customers through radio. Radio ads have proved to be effective in creating emotional reactions in listeners and thus are more relevant to listeners on a personal basis. This leads to increased sales and market awareness. Radio advertising is also more affordable. However, businesses can achieve better results by transcribing radio shows or ads and incorporating them into radio advertising.

Improve Your Marketing Efforts by Transcribing Radio Shows

You can prepare the transcript of your radio show, radio interview or ad and upload it to your website from where users can read or download them. This will attract the audience in the following ways.

  • The transcripts improve accessibility for people with hearing disabilities.
  • Visitors for whom English is a second language will be able to follow up the shows more effectively.
  • In a sound-sensitive environment, people can follow up the shows with the help of transcripts.
  • People can also translate the text within the transcripts to their language and enjoy the show.
  • With the transcripts, people can search through the text and reference a section within the audio. They can also quickly pull out quotes and references from the audio.

In this way, transcripts provide a lasting value for a one-time event, which will attract more number of consumers to your show or ads and enhance your marketing efforts.

However, the most significant advantage of the transcripts is that they help in search engine optimization. Search engines do not index audio content. If you want your radio content to be searchable on the internet, you should publish their transcription online. Otherwise, the search engines will reflect only tags or keywords based upon your written description in their results. Well-optimized transcripts can:

  • Increase the number of new visitors to your site
  • Increase inbound traffic to your site
  • Increase inbound links

This will provide you with a top ranking in search engine results pages, which will in turn help improve your sales and revenue.

Challenges to Radio Show Transcription

Radio shows or ads are challenging to transcribe as they involve a continuous data stream with segments of different linguistic and acoustic elements. While transcribing such kind of data, you will have to address two main problems – those related to varied acoustic properties of the signal and those related to the linguistic properties of the speech. It is better to seek help from experts to address these challenges more effectively and produce high quality transcripts. Only high quality transcripts can help achieve your marketing goals quickly and effectively. Many professional transcription companies offer three-level quality checking to ensure maximum accuracy.

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